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“Mercy to the wicked is cruelty to the innocent.” Elijah Woods, actor of Lord of the Rings fame, in a manner similar to that of actor Corey Feldman, is coming forward to awaken the American people to the Pedophile organized parties in Hollywood. Woods claims that numerous “parties” that were

A Sonic drive-thru restaurant in Missouri is facing some pretty severe online backlash after the Internet recently learned that the store was putting Christian stickers on their food packaging.

Constitutional Law expert, Ron Gibson joins Jim and Tim to break down who we really are.

A Florida woman turned the tables on a convicted voyeur earlier this month and not only captured him on video, but also chased him out of a Florida Target store.

Michael Turner saw Leon Walls attack and then stab a 16-year old girl. The attack was so violent that Allison Meadows would have been murdered right there at the Target checkout counter had two other men and Turner not stepped in with a baseball bat.

The Democratic National Convention coming up in Philadelphia in late July promises to be tumultuous.

Everyday concepts and activities well-known and accepted in the U.S., are illegal in Saudi Arabia.

Democrat voters are enjoying what Republican voters have been complaining about for years – being forced to choose between a couple of BAD options.

“Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States,” says Nancy Pelosi. “Take it to the bank, I guarantee it.”

Political prisoner and free press reporter Pete Santilli has once again spoken the truth from jail and outed the DC central government’s refusal to admit that their land grab, using the Bureau of Land Management, is all about Uranium.