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Islamic expert Robert Spencer and Christian apologist David Wood took on Shia scholars Shaykh Sakhawat Hussain and Sayyid Atiq Ebady in Philadelphia on the question, “Does the Quran promote peace?”  The result was a humiliating defeat for the Islamic scholars, but that wasn’t enough for one of them. Take a look

There are many problems with the way our government operates today, but perhaps the one that is most dangerous but easiest to fix is the opaqueness with which our government operates. To that end, Adam Andrzejewski founded an organization dedicated to “transparency in government” called Andrzejewski argues that if we value our

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has done some good work in the past. Sadly, much of that should now be forgotten because for the last 20+ years the SPLC has become a tool of leftist agitation and anti-conservative bigotry. The SPLC no longer cares about truth, and justice and

“Prevention is better than cure!” You would think that the way today’s conservatives (yesterday’s liberals) are propping up Donald Trump and what he is really doing that they are talking of someone else. Yet, they are not! This is why it is so important to pay attention to what our

I don’t know about you, but I dread continually having to point out what the federal government and its agencies are doing wrong. This week, I’m glad to say I get to bring something they are doing right. President Donald Trump’s DOJ filed an amicus brief with the High Court

A vendor whose only apparent crime was selling hotdogs near Memorial Stadium was ticketed by a Berkley police officer and his money confiscated as “evidence” may have gotten the surprise of a lifetime after a viral video made its rounds on social media resulting in over $54,000 being raised for the

Residents in Houston need to take precautions, as testing of the flood waters left by Hurricane Harvey came back showing bacteria and toxic matter abundant in the homes devastated by the storm. It is not clear how far the toxic waters have spread but Fire Chief Samuel Peña of Houston

Will Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher be the first governor to abolish abortion? It very well could be the case for the Baptist pastor turned gubernatorial candidate, but he’s not a politically correct kind of guy. In a brand new video, put out by the Fisher campaign, Dan is clearly an

34-year-old Wall Street Journal editorial writer Joseph Rago was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on July 20. As of yet, I have been unable to recover any records of an autopsy report, which was reported to be taking place. Under normal circumstances, this might not be an issue. Police

Hillary Clinton has said that she will no longer run for public office. In an interview with Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning, Clinton was asked if her political career was over. The former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and Presidential candidate said that she was done with being