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Colorado’s Levi Tilleman is running for Congress and thinks pepper spray in a breakable glass cabinet is just what teachers need to defend students against a mass shooter. He then demonstrates how incredibly stupid he is.

While we report on many police officers who operate more like tyrants than those who keep the peace and seek to operate above the law, it’s nice to have stories like this that we can also point out that there are cops out there doing their jobs with honor.

A police officer arrested an innocent woman for the crime of filming him from several feet away and then changed his story to claim she may have been armed.

Why shouldn’t Turkey just be kicked out of NATO due to its totalitarianism and seeking to purchase military equipment from the Russians? Isn’t the point of NATO to guard against Russia?

Throughout their coverage, mainstream media reporters continually tried to put an anti-Trump spin on things.  They claimed that the agreement did not have the “specific wording” that experts were looking for, they pointed out that other agreements in the past have failed, and they continually insisted that the Trump administration was giving Kim Jong-Un too much respect.

Just like the peace process between North and South Korea, time will ultimately tell whether or not North Korea is trustworthy or not.

Israel is making an offer to the Iranian people as a show of their goodwill – they are offering the Iranians access to their water technology… for free. They’re willingly helping the Iranian people, even as the Iranian government refuses to do so.

After police were caught stalking and harassing his daughter, a concerned father tried to call the chief to report it, but he was attacked and beaten instead.

While Trump always takes the opportunity to jab at CNN and highlight the inconsistencies and obfuscations in their reporting, the real meat and potatoes of his response turned out to be one of the most powerful moments in his Presidency thus far as it relates to his position on global trade and tariffs.

Not really a fair competition now, is it? But this is the far left’s vision for America — tear down tradition and common sense, one political platform, one special right, one eyebrow-raising policy at a time. It’s all in the name of diversity and equality, after all.