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“No other test … ought to be required, on admission to any office … than such oath of support and fidelity to this State … and a declaration of a belief in the CHRISTIAN religion.”

Despite slurring, being unable to walk, and being at twice the legal BAC limit, a sheriff was let go by a fellow cop after a DUI stop and he then smashed into a woman head on.

The information that follows will provide facts, for each person to use their own discernment in determining what they believe to be truth, or until further information is revealed.

Take a look at this montage of talking heads, representatives on both sides of the aisle and even Vice President Joe Biden calling Assange a terrorist.

New York officials will be tracking down the unvaccinated, including children as young as 6-months-old, and force vaccinating them. Resisters will be charged or fined.

Indeed, it is interesting how this is all transpiring under the Trump administration, considering that President Trump appeared to be a big fan of Wikileaks prior to being elected.

Last month, Arizona representative, David Stringer resigned from his elected position as a representative. After he resigned, records were released showing that he was arrested in the 80s for raping two children—one of whom had a developmental disability. After a subsequent investigation was launched, we are now learning about the

A cop was arrested and charged with felony assault for beating an innocent man and likely would’ve done far more damage had a fellow cop not stepped in to stop him.