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Does German Chancellor Angela Merkel not listen to her people at all? They’ve been protesting in the streets against Islam and the Muslim invasion of their country for quite a while now, but Merkel always sides with the Muslims in the name of “tolerance.” And tolerance is what she is

During the recent Fox Business News – Wall Street Journal Republican Primary debate, United States senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had what was probably one of the most meaningful exchanges so far in the race to decide the party’s nominee for president. Paul and Rubio traded jabs

Following Friday evenings attacks in Paris, Barack Hussein Obama stepped in front of the mic to once again cover for Islam. “I don’t want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this.” Well, why not Hussein? Several witnesses said they heard some of the men

Be forewarned the below video may be the most embarrassing 10 minutes in television history. On Thursday a free college advocate by the name of Keely Mullen made a painful appearance on the Fox Business Network to discuss her ideas (and the ideas of her movement – the Million Student

A fascinating portion of this week’s Republican debate centered around the issue of Syria, U.S. intervention, defeating ISIS, and even Russia. And what was said ran the gamut from we shouldn’t get involved to we should go to war with Russia. What are these guys talking about? This is a

Senator Ted Cruz had a pretty good night on Tuesday he had some strong responses during several key moments in the debate; he offered a strong defense of his excellent tax plan, he carved a middle-ground on foreign policy between Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, and he absolutely hammered Jeb

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – James Madison I often find myself bewildered at the people in this country as to how blatantly blind and deaf they are to the issues that are directly in front

Muslim Child brides from the Middle East are turning up in refugee centers in The Netherlands, and Dutch authorities are at a loss on how to deal with the problem. Social workers are faced with a horrifying dilemma: return girls as young as 13 to their middle-aged husbands and, in the

Weld County Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Brownlee of Colorado was killed in the line of duty five years ago, but his sons now own their father’s old patrol car, a Dodge Charger, but the story of how they got it is really heartwarming. I know, if you are like me, you

This is what happens when a man chooses a life of violence and evil. Justice… cold, hard, fast and loud. The Daily Caller is reporting that a new video that has been posted to the Internet seems to show the very sudden and violent death of a jihadist while he was