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Although Kirk and Owens declined to press charges, Americans witnessed another disgraceful performance by the far left. Ironically, Antifa members, supposedly “anti-fascists,” exhibit the same behavior they claim to oppose. They employ the tactics you would expect from fascists.

“We’re not top 10 in anything,” said a former education secretary who is calling out politicians for creating a public education system that “runs on lies.”

The enemedia is so deranged with its relentless attacks on President Trump, and its portrayals of his followers as racist, redneck yahoos, and the left — Antifa — has become so aggressive and violent, that attacks on conservatives are becoming ever more common, and probably the President himself will be targeted.

One armed citizen in Florida, who was licensed to carry concealed, was able to stop a gunman at a children’s event, possibly saving several lives.

We’ve known Hillary is a devil for years, but here’s the real Hillary from a firsthand account of someone that was charged with protecting her.

The recent EU deal was a huge victory for the Trump administration as it offers more evidence to support the President’s claim that he would eliminate all tariffs, if only our trade partners would do the same.

Thursday Night President Trump placated a raucous Wilkes-Barre, PA crowd that chanted, “Lock her up!” The chants, of course, were a familiar rallying cry to imprison Hillary Clinton. The President responded by saying, “Some things just take a little bit longer.” Americans want to know how long it will take Mr. President.

The treatment of Tommy Robinson is the death knell of free Britain.

“Three years ago, I visited Kenya as The first sitting president to come from Kenya.” -Barack Hussein Obama

Be careful out there. The next crazy leftist might just come for you next time.