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While gun control advocates say they just want “common sense” legislation, all signs point towards a push for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

So even though what Bill Maher said was deeply offensive, don’t dismiss his remarks entirely, because what he just expressed might be exactly what the global elite are thinking.

It’s time things were changed for the safety of the paying flyers, pilots flight crew, and everyone else on the ground.  After all, do you care what color the person’s skin is or their gender if they are qualified to do the job?  I will tell you I care if their religion is Islam.

The fact of the matter is, regardless if they wanted to admit it or not, they did, in fact, live politics.  When they ended up in the camps, they were known as “political prisoners.”  At that point, there was nothing they could do except wait and die at the hands of those that they should have lawfully dealt with when they had the opportunity to do so.

The CSKT Water Compact is a fraud because it violates the Montana Constitution, yet Senator Jon Tester is squarely behind it.

This entire incident appears to be highly suspicious for a number of reasons, possibly even staged.

Communism is a philosophy of greed, hatred, and evil. It pretends to care for the least in our society, but in reality, it focuses on the most successful.

With more constitutional decisions coming from the Supreme Court, constitutional adversaries might get on board and demand more constitutional, limited government.

This is just one example of why AK-47s are needed by law-abiding citizens.  Get that Senator Feinstein and the rest of you Communist gun confiscators posing as American representatives of the people?

Veterans on Patrol insists it is a sex trafficking site and they are holding on to evidence in an attempt to not turn it over to local police they believe might engage in a coverup on the matter.