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None of them spoke to police about this assault? Surely they will corroborate Jenan Ayesh’s story, won’t they? Or will this eventually be revealed as yet another fake hate crime designed to buttress the risible claim that Muslims are subjected to wholesale harassment and persecution in the United States?

Fortunately, Scott was barred by term limits from seeking a fourth term. I’m wondering if anyone in Michigan is seeking to file suit against her for fraud.

Make no mistake – all roads lead to the Clintons. Always. No matter how you try to slice it or dice it, they are central to every investigation, and the orchestrators of absolute corruption and oftentimes pure evil.

Children in Connecticut will not be allowed to return to school after the Christmas break unless they probe that they have received the flu vaccine.

A Florida cop had no idea he was on video when he made the decision to kick a handcuffed teen in the face as he lay helpless and incapacitated on the ground.

Family members and friends are continuing to call foul, claiming that their father would’ve never pulled a gun on police and was killed for open carrying.

34-year-old Casey King is so obese that he can’t work, he has to bathe outside in a trough like a pig, and he has to rely on his father to constantly take care of him. He now weighs more than 700 pounds, but he just keeps on eating massive amounts of unhealthy food. Just like America as a whole, he has absolutely no self-discipline and absolutely no desire to turn his life around.

Who gave these representatives the green light to give your country over to a people that mean to kill, steal and to destroy (John 10:10)?

As you can see, the global Islamic movement is wasting no time this new year in its efforts to establish Sharia throughout all of western civilization.

Just like Obama, Donald Trump continues to wage war on gun rights, curtsy to Saudi Arabia, and wage wars of aggression across the globe.