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Billionaire George Soros has kicked off a “media blitz” against Hungary, calling out the country for what he accuses as anti-immigrant policies. But Soros isn’t having the last word. Billboards denouncing George Soros for his interference in Hungary’s government have sprung up at choice spots around the nation. Angry Hungarians,

In mere months, China will have a ballistic missile completed and ready to strike anywhere in the world. And it can carry up to ten nuclear warheads. The Dongfeng-41 missile, which is said to have the longest range of any ballistic rockets in the world, has undergone its eighth test

These savages should not be allowed back into the country, let alone “reintegrated into society.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s submission to Islam is astonishing, but it will be the good people of Canada who will pay. In blood and tears. TRUDEAU SPARKS OUTRAGE WITH PLAN TO ‘REINTEGRATE’ ISIS TERRORISTS INTO

North Korea’s antics are having an effect on the Olympics. With less than three months before the Winter Olympics open in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the Games are struggling to draw visitors from home and abroad, largely because of fears about the secretive and unpredictable neighbor to the North just 50 miles away. As

The Islamic State (ISIS) last Friday released a poster depicting Pope Francis beheaded, following quickly after its threat to attack the Vatican and draw “Christmas blood.” If the Pope has been apprised of this, he must feel piqued at their ingratitude: after all he has done for Islam, this is the

A South Korean spy/intelligence agency says that North Korea is getting ready to launch a new round of missiles. This is spiking new concerns of a clash between the regime and a coalition of American, Japanese, and South Korean forces should a test accidentally strike land. According to Foreign Policy, the

I received this disturbing email from a Pakistani Christian who is facing the death penalty for “blasphemy.” If the enemedia narrative were true, moderate Muslims all over Pakistan would be racing to defend Faraz Parvaiz, and standing with him against these false blasphemy charges. Where is the Moderate Muslim movement,

Rehab Dughmosh, a Muslim woman who tried to murder people with a golf club and a knife in a Canadian Tire store last June, appeared in court Friday and was furiously defiant: Damn your legislation, damn your nationality, go to hell. Hey you infidels, I do not worship what you worship. In

The newest warning about the outbreak of the airborne pneumonic plague, or black death, in Madagascar has been released. Officials warn that it’s inevitable that this bacterial infection that’s infected over 2000 people will become resistant to antibiotics. The only way to treat a person who has contracted the plague

Mt. Popocatepetl is one of the most important volcanoes on the entire planet, and yet most Americans are not familiar with it. In ancient Aztec, Popocatepetl means “smoking mountain”, but to the locals the 5,426-meter-high volcano is simply known as “Don Goyo”. A catastrophic eruption of “Don Goyo” would be