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While the focus on North Korea has been their improvement of missiles and a potential nuclear strike against the United States, many have missed an equally sinister weapon lingering in the rogue nation’s arsenal.  And experts say that it’s time to take notice of it. Experts say there’s another weapon

As Sweden is being overrun with the followers of Muhammad under the guise that they are peaceful migrants, they are threatening to deport an Iranian Christian woman. Not only is the threat of deportation real for Aideen Strandsson, but that deportation would certainly result in her imprisonment, possible rape and torture

Editor’s Note:  While it’s good that he’s at least projecting that there is a real threat from Islam in the UK, his numbers are way too low.  That’s only a generation.  There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims flooding into the UK and many who have been there.  The threat

In just a matter of days, we are going to witness the most unusual solar eclipse in U.S. history. Could it be possible that all of the very strange “coincidences” surrounding this event have some sort of special significance?  The mainstream media has been buzzing about this upcoming solar eclipse

Cathy Newman is a presenter on the UK’s Channel 4, and a writer for the Telegraph. Here she enunciates the standard dogma that everyone is supposed to accept on pain of “Islamophobia” charges: that the Muslim rape gangs were not acting in accord with Islamic teachings, and that their Muslim

Video has emerged of dozens of migrants storming a Spanish beach filled with sunbathing tourists. The entire event was captured on video by an eyewitness and uploaded to Twitter. Zahara de los Atunes. Dos de la tarde — Jaime Moreno (@GolfJaime) August 9, 2017 According to a translation from

We warned for years that the LGBT, based on the words of Sacred Scripture, is a form of serious sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance and leads to other sins such as murder and blasphemy, especially of the innocent. Ireland is a nation with a long Catholic history,

The seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou

The crisis with North Korea has hit a fever pitch with both, President Trump and Kim Jong Un, exchanging words on a nearly hourly basis. While North Korea has threatened to reduce the United States to “ash,” Trump has responded by saying that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded”

New reviews have shown that Monsanto’s Round-Up is not carcinogenic. The weed killer is perfectly safe, despite the World Health Organizations proclamation in 2015 that glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Round-Up, was “probably” carcinogenic. This proclamation was met with outrage from Monsanto and a series of “independent” reviews that all agreed that the