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This is a nation that has sacrificed thousands of its young girls to the fear of being “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

Smart grids, smart meters, and smart switches will allow utilities to spy on its customers without a warrant in terms of energy consumption, types of appliances they have, when owners are and aren’t home, and then sell other data about your home to an interested third party. Thieves can also easily find out when you are and aren’t home.

This is why we see so many “anti-Muslim hate crimes” faked by Muslims in the U.S. and the West in general: becoming a victim brings one laudatory press attention, and in many cases money and special favors.

His jihad group wanted to “kill as many unbelievers as they can and impose Sharia law.” Do Australian authorities ever stop to ponder where young Muslims keep getting the idea that this is a good thing to do? Do authorities in any non-Muslim country? Do they really think that showering

A former high-level official from within the UN has blown the whistle on a pedophilia network of massive proportions involving thousands of UN employees wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of innocent children.

When the media is outraged that Trump uses words that seem to dismiss the people of Haiti, but expresses virtually no outrage over how the people of Haiti were actually robbed of what was promised them in the aftermath of that devastating earthquake, you have to question what their outrage is truly over.

Soros is meddling in the Brexit issue and has given £500,000 to Best for Britain, a globalist anti-sovereign campaign, to stop Brexit and British sovereignty.

Mennel Ibtissem is just as bad and maybe even worse than L’Oreal’s Amena Khan: Ibtissem not only hates and vilifies Israel, but actually wrote that “the real terrorists are our government” after the two Muslims slit a priest’s throat in his church in Normandy.

It is only through extreme stupidity – remember, ignorance can be corrected through education – those individuals championing open borders, welcoming Islamic invasion, have created a situation that could see the destruction of European civilization if the native populations are unwilling to fight for their culture, their lives and their country.