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Opening the news this morning, one could not help but see reported that an IED (improvised explosive device) detonated in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, a pipe bomb exploded in Seaside Park, NJ, shortly before the third annual Semper Fi Run, and a mass stabbing occurred in St. Cloud, Minnesota’s

Europeans are sick and tired of Muslims. They are sick and tired of Islam. No matter what they have done, no matter how much food and kind treatment these Muslims have received, all the Europeans have gotten in return was rape, robbery, and violence. With the police refusing to help

We’re not quite sure if these are the good guys, the bad guys or this week’s allies du jour, but the video below is a lesson in how not to take a selfie with a random mobile device picked up from a table full of guns and improvised explosive devices. Several

According to the French publication, L’ Insoumis, the Journal of French Liberty, members of the French military have left after serving their time or defected to joined ISIS. La proportion de musulmans dans l’armée française ? C’est comme la TVA : les socialos l’ont passée à 20%. — L’Insoumis

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has harshly criticized Israeli settlements in the West Bank and is calling for urgent action to save “the two state solution.” He insists that Israeli settlements in the West Bank “are illegal under international law” and he told reporters that the “occupation” of Palestinian-controlled territories

Something absolutely NUTS transpired earlier this month when an ignorant leftist tool at the United Nations Human Rights Office got a hold of their Twitter account.   Thankfully the folks at UN Watch were watching and called the UN out on the foolish commentary. Latest tweet from UN human rights office

The European Union, each day, is exposed more and more for the paper tiger that it is, as it tries to force Eastern European nations to commit suicide by allowing a Muslim invasion; and each day, these same nations are doubling down against the EU even harder than before. Such

Hungary vows to fight the European Union’s (EU) migrant quota policy, which forces countries to take “refugees” that have inundated Greece and Italy. In response, the EU threatened Hungary that if it rejects its migrant policy, it will fine Hungary £211,000 for every asylum seeker it refuses to accept. (That’s

A little more than four months from now Barack Obama’s time in the White House is scheduled to end, and the Palestinians know that their best chance of getting a UN Security Council resolution addressing their conflict with Israel is rapidly slipping away. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both

This summarizes the state of the UK today. Men who rise up to fight Islamic terrorism are prosecuted under “terrorism” charges while actual Muslim terrorists rampage as they will, and the government will not raise so much as a finger to even scold them: A former soldier who fought against