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Want to make the French Angry? Tell them to Take Wine Off the Menu. That’s the lesson we’ve learned from the latest international hubbub in Paris. Sure, the Iranians support (both financially and philosophically) terrorism. Sure, the Iranians are raging anti-Semites who kill the Jews as soon as let them live

Remember the good ol’ days when immigrants would assimilate into the culture of their new nation in an effort to fit in and be ‘good citizens’? Yeah, that mindset doesn’t seem to exist anymore, especially with the new wave of Muslim migrants currently swarming throughout Europe. While outrage continues to

We have been predicting on that the rise of European defense groups that patrol the streets against Muslim attackers because rage against Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, and their supporters is palpable because of their irresponsible, suicidal actions. the most liberal nations are mocking refugees and their supporters and talking about expelling them.

The most popular theme park in Europe is Disneyland Paris. Approximately 10 million people visited the park in 2014. However, just two months after the Islamic jihad attacks in Paris that claimed 130 lives, a Muslim man and a woman considered to be his girlfriend were arrested as they arrived

In an action that can only be called a stellar display of collective mental illness, the women of Cologne Germany “handed out” roses to predominantly Muslim migrants, who possibly were perpetrators of the mass molestation of German women on New Year’s Eve. This is absolutely abnormal behavior, even for feminists.

Out of the mouths of …. burkas: “If…Koranic passages encourage terrorism…every Muslim would be a terrorist” By Robert Spencer, January 26, 2016: Tareena Shakil went to live under a government that has repeatedly vowed the mass murder of British civilians. If she had gone to live in Nazi Germany in 1940, would

The atmosphere in Germany has gotten to the point women, girls and children are terrified. The reason is the unfettered illegal invasion by a majority of Muslim men. According to Western Journalism, “A German teenage girl claims in a video she uploaded to Facebook, which has since been taken down,

A Christian girl has been killed after she and two friends shrugged of the advances of some young drunken Muslim men from one of the elite areas of Lahore, Defence Colony.   British Pakistani Christians: Kiran (17), Shamroza (18), and Sumble (20), three Christian girls, were simply walking home through

Many individuals wait with baited anticipation for the Academy Awards show to see wins “the best” in the film industry when it comes to performances, special effects, film, etc. The little man of gold is the goal for Hollyweird performers. But, this year, like the last, it is surrounded by

Sex attacks by Muslim migrants on non-Muslim girls in public pools got so bad, one public pool banned migrants. But the swimming pool lifted the migrant bather ban after left-wing pressure, just 24 hours after four children were molested. Of course the left stands in defense of  violence, oppression and