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Saudi Arabia already has nukes, Iran probably does, and the Russians are one of the two great nuclear powers on the entire planet.  So if Saudi Arabia, Turkey and their Sunni allies do decide to conduct a full-blown ground invasion of Syria, could someone ultimately decide to use nuclear weapons

This German man stepped in between a young woman and Muslim migrants who were attempting to molest her.

The cover is causing “outrage?” It’s just as Orwell said: “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” Note the UK publication’s use of the word “white.” It’s not race. It’s religion. She’s non-Muslim. “Polish magazine causes outrage with cover showing white woman

Reuters is reporting that Turkey is asking the United States and other western allies to participate in a massive ground invasion of Syria.

If the global economy is in fine shape, then why does all of the hard data tell us that global trade is absolutely collapsing?  The Baltic Dry Index has fallen below 300 for the first time ever, and export numbers are way down for almost every major exporting nation on

A woman from the Iraqi minority Yazidi community who was kept as a sex slave for three months by violent jihadists, has described seeing her family slaughtered.

Muslim religious leaders are demanding that the Western nations that they are invading also allow Muslim men to marry children!

350,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters are massing in northern Saudi Arabia for a military exercise that is being called “Northern Thunder”.

In Germany, women cannot leave home without being harassed, assaulted, or intimidated, thanks to one Angela “Erkel” Merkel. The situation has become grave for some especially in small towns. Not to worry since Merkel has a plan — “‘convert’ misogynistic migrants, and bring them in line with Germany’s more progressive attitudes.”

Prolific researcher and analyst John Galt of the Shenandoah web site says that should Saudi Arabia put boots on the ground in Syria and attempt to engage ground forces in Syria the consequences may be disastrous.