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82 of the people hired for security posts on the football cup are on French terror watch lists.

The Washington-based terror monitoring organization Middle East Media Research Institute’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Project has discovered the Facebook profile of a German national IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh) fighter, who appears to have tried to use Facebook to advertise and facilitate the sale of captured sex slaves.

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. So far, 2016 is proving to be the year the September 11th attacks have been blown wide open. But when the U.S. Government is involved, it’s one step forward, then two steps back. For the first time since that fateful September day,

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. “They [the US]are telling us not to hit it [al-Nusra Front], because there are also ‘normal’ opposition groups [on those territories],” Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview published on the Russian Ministry of Defense website. The U.S. quickly denied

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. A child is killed in Yemen every four hours — but partly because 60 percent of those deaths in 2014, alone, were at the hands of the U.S.-supported, Saudi-led coalition, it has now been blacklisted by the United Nations. U.N. Secretary General

Raping somebody is a horrible enough crime. But then to turn around and say it was the victim’s fault is only something that a Muslim could do with a straight face and not budge.

Saudi Arabia has great potential to hold the U.S. economy and government hostage through its purchase of Treasury holdings, but how did this special arrangement come to be?

How can such an ideology ever assimilate to Western laws that protect everyone, including women, equally under the law?

“The bulldozer,” at nearly 300 pounds and wielding a 3-foot long sword as his method of torture, was ISIS’s most feared executioner, beheading dozens of men and dismembering children accused of crimes by the ISIS terrorists, has been captured by the Syrian Army.

While buying a phone card, a Muslim “refugee” gets into an argument with the clerk and almost immediately flies into a violent rampage. Thankfully, there were three German men nearby who were able to stop him. Now, they are going to be prosecuted.