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Muslim brothers keep on praying while elderly man falls down and dies. No assistance. No 911 calls. No medical aid. No CPR. Culturally, the heartless praying to Allah the “merciful.” Article reposted with permission from Pamela Geller. Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her

Researchers at the SETI Institute spotted something odd on New Year’s Eve over New Zealand. A stream of meteor showers appeared out of nowhere and now scientists around the world are scrambling to figure out where it originated and whether the parent body of that shower could be headed towards

Last week, Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, revealed her solution to the increased incidences of harassment, assault and the rape of German women at the hands of Muslim invaders — convert Muslims to show respect to women through training programs. Her plan is idiocy at its best since Muslims follow Mohammed

Tensions are rising in Europe as more and more Muslims enter. There have been reports of an increase in crime. And with the New Year’s sexual assaults and several migrant-related murders, the Europeans are becoming uneasy. As I reported, there is a group in Finland that has taken to the

Did you know that a huge asteroid is scheduled to make a “close shave” with our planet on March 7th?  This asteroid is known as “2013 TX68,″ and it is estimated to be anywhere from 80 to 170 feet in length.  Most news reports are saying that it is 100

Berlin in 2016 looks more like a cross between West Philadelphia and Algiers than any European city. Robberies in broad daylight, drug sales taking place right in the open, Muslim men attacking women and couples, pickpockets everywhere, and what do the police do? Nothing. If a fight breaks out, they

Good news everybody, we’ve just had some important marriage advice explained from the Islamic leaders in the Middle East on the official, government sponsored Palestinian Authority TV. Hassan al-Laham is a Muslim religious leader in the Palestinian territory; in fact, he holds the official title of “mufti (or legal expert)

Is your cell phone keeping you from having kids and slowly killing you at the same time? Most people have no idea that one of the greatest threats to their health may be something that they are willingly carrying around with them all day long.  A brand new study has

Army Lt. Gen. John Nicholson, President Barack Obama’s appointee to head the war in Afghanistan, has a bit of a dark asterisk in his career. In a move that raised eyebrows at the time in 2007, Nicholson publicly condemned a group of special operations Marines for allegedly killing civilians, even though an internal report

“The case is being treated as especially serious by the prosecutor as not only did the rapists film themselves attacking the boy, but they ‘exhibited particular ruthlessness and harshness.’” This is the savagery that Sweden — and all of Europe — has brought upon itself. And it is only just