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The nightmare that is currently unfolding up in Canada will soon be coming to the United States. When the price of oil first started crashing, most Americans and most Canadians applauded. Most people thought that lower gas prices would be really good for the economy. Well, it turns out that

Another Muslim convert “misunderstanding” Islam in exactly the same way as millions of other Muslim “misunderstanders.” So many converts to Islam get involved in jihad. This shows the falsity of the mainstream narrative that jihad has nothing to do with Islam. Why do mosques have so much difficulty training converts

Editor’s Note:  This is all the more reason to back Rep. Mike Rogers’ bill to get the united States out of the United Nations. Just a friendly reminder from the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Cooperation) Head that everything can be criticized EXCEPT Islam, or else. Via Arab News: JEDDAH:

Pope Francis sure does say a lot of strange things. I don’t think that any other Pope throughout history has ever called Christmas a “charade” or has suggested that for many people this Christmas “may be their last”. What in the world would cause Pope Francis to adopt such an

Germans are adjusting to the new normal, and they aren’t taking it lying down. As SHTF reported, the first reaction of many Europeans to the violent wave of Syrian refugees flooding their countries was to take arms for self-protection, and as a result gun sales soared, and where those weren’t

Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez took on liberal film maker Michael Moore after he stood outside Trump Tower with a sign that read “We are all Muslim.” In a tirade of tweets, the beauty contestant spoke the truth about Islam. Now, she has been indefinitely suspended by the politically correct

While the U.S. media and political elites recoil in horror at the prospect of ending Muslim immigration, over in Europe, the integration of Muslim migrants is going swimmingly. Breitbart reported Thursday that “as many as 1,000 migrants have been involved in a plan to storm the Calais entrance to the

This must have been what it looked like when the Goths and Vandals invaded the Roman Empire during its final days. The names, places, and languages are different, but you know what they say: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The police and government could stop

British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis surging by 93 percent. Synagogues across the UK and Europe are targets of Islamic attacks. In the face of all this, the chief rabbi is recommending that we submit, and even worse, force our children to submit. Has this dhimmi rabbi actually numerous Islamic texts and

That whole “it could never happen here” argument is starting to get old. History has innumerable examples of how things that should never happen invariably do happen. Whether it’s democratic Germany becoming fascist (and racist), once anti-communist America seriously flirting with an avowed socialist politician, or formerly atheist Russia becoming the