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A Christian girl has been killed after she and two friends shrugged of the advances of some young drunken Muslim men from one of the elite areas of Lahore, Defence Colony.   British Pakistani Christians: Kiran (17), Shamroza (18), and Sumble (20), three Christian girls, were simply walking home through

Many individuals wait with baited anticipation for the Academy Awards show to see wins “the best” in the film industry when it comes to performances, special effects, film, etc. The little man of gold is the goal for Hollyweird performers. But, this year, like the last, it is surrounded by

Sex attacks by Muslim migrants on non-Muslim girls in public pools got so bad, one public pool banned migrants. But the swimming pool lifted the migrant bather ban after left-wing pressure, just 24 hours after four children were molested. Of course the left stands in defense of  violence, oppression and

Article first appeared at by Pamela Geller Pamelageller – Out of the mouths of babes: WATCH: ‘Angela Merkel You Have Killed Germany!’ – 16 Year Old Girl’s Migrant Fears Video That Some Claim Facebook Are ‘Censoring’ By by Raheem Kassam And Chris Tomlins, Breitbart, 22 Jan 2016 “Please help us!… It

This video isn’t about just dealing with Muslim migrants who may think that they deserve whatever is yours. It’s also about dealing with thieves in general. However, unlike many of the videos we are accustomed to seeing here in America, this video hails from Finland, where a young female store

America better wake up to what the usurper-in-chief and his minions, along with a complicit Congress, are allowing into America’s borders. A good lesson could be learned from the folks down under in Australia, who recently offended Muslims for having them sing the country’s national anthem. The Australian reports: Requiring

Did you know that the top 1% has more wealth than the rest of the planet combined? And just 62 ultra-wealthy members of the elite have as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion people on the entire planet. These brand new numbers come from a shocking report that was

The British Parliament on Monday debated whether or not to ban Donald Trump from the country for the crime of saying that in light of jihad terrorist attacks, there should be a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration into the U.S. I did not expect for one moment that the Brits

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple -Despite the best efforts of Washington and the Pentagon, the situation in Afghanistan is not going as planned. The Afghan Army is slowly crumbling as desertions mount, and the Taliban continues to make new gains in the country. Among many problems faced by

Myriam has lost everything because of ISIS, but she doesn’t hate them. She says “God loves us and wouldn’t let ISIS kill us.” Let’s hope her rose-colored view of the world is not shattered by ISIS making her into a sex slave. When interviewed recently by Sat 7 reporter Essam Nagy, Myriam