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It would do the pope good to actually read and give heed to what the Word of God actually says rather than thinking he is God and can just make up law and punishments himself.  He’s only probing his own depravity.

The treatment of Tommy Robinson is the death knell of free Britain.

It was only just to free Tommy Robinson, and lessens the impression that Britain is becoming a police state in which it is illegal to criticize Islam and mass Muslim migration in Britain today. Britain is still on that road, but apparently, in this case, the May government was feeling too much pressure to keep Tommy in prison.

The jihad imperative to wage war against unbelievers is not canceled by the friendliness or helpfulness of those unbelievers.

This is despite the fact the European Union has recognized the persecution of Christians by Muslims in Syria.

The UN cannot be fixed because its foundations are corrupt.  They say with their mouth they are for rights, but they demonstrate in actions they are only about money and power, not rights.  This latest action demonstrates just that.

So far, Washington and Tehran have only a war of words. However, tensions continue to rise.

The UN has a very reliable model of begging the US for money while pandering to terrorists and dictators. This time, without the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House, it isn’t working.

The #MeToo movement has finally reached its way to the Vatican and this time, it was brought by nuns.