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What the world’s nations and populations can take from this is the UN is out to destroy the individual culture present in individual nations through inundating more wealthy nations with multiple cultures, causing culture wars, extreme violence inside each nation that could result in a thinning of the world’s European, American, and other wealthy nations’ native populations. 

The UN places all the responsibility on the country of entry and its citizens to “bend over backwards” or “bend over and grab your ankles” for individuals who lack respect for the laws of other nations, the citizens who support the governments in that nation, and the citizens in that nation who are living in poverty and/or are homeless. 

The country’s immigration minister, Inger Stojberg, said about a government plan to house unwelcome foreigners on a remote island, that “they are unwanted in Denmark, and they will feel that.”

On November 25, young Chinese researcher He Jiankui became the center of a global firestorm when it was discovered that he had allegedly made the first CRISPR-edited (genetically modified human) babies; twin girls named Lulu and Nana. Since the story broke, many have balked at the ethics of such an experiment and He has gone missing.

As 100,000 citizens from the left and the right joined in a massive protest over the weekend, many riot police officers were seen removing their helmets and joining them in solidarity.

The Dow futures gained 460 points shortly after United States President Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping vowed to temporarily hit the pause button on their economically disastrous trade war which has been ongoing since March.

The endgame of complete control truly seems to be in sight as more and more Swedes go cashless.

May accuses Labour of doing anything to force another election. Meanwhile, she is willing to screw her own constituents while hopping in bed with Michel Barnier and the EU to not have one.

“She was just pushed down by an Arab child that she didn’t even know. This child slit her abdomen with a sharp object,” her father says.