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Update 1: Britain is now on its second highest alert level, meaning that an “attack by militants is considered highly likely.” (Reuters) *** Multiple explosions have rocked an Ariana Grande concert in Britain this evening with eyewitnesses reporting that the blasts were “massive”: ‘There was a bang in the left

U.S. intelligence overhead a Russian operative brag about targeting Hillary Clinton in the upcoming 2016 presidential election as payback for an “influence campaign” the former secretary of state ran against Vladimir Putin five years earlier. Senior intelligence officials told Time that a Russian military intelligence officer with GRU said his

President Donald Trump addressed leaders from more than 50 Muslim countries in a speech on Sunday, in which he laid out his vision for relations with Muslim countries and the US. Some of the speech was good and some was questionable, especially the announcement of the latest $110 billion arms deal,

This week, a bombshell was dropped concerning murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich who was gunned down in what is said to be an attempted robbery in Washington, DC last July, and that bombshell would lead anyone to believe he was the source of the leaked emails that Wikileaks published last

Last week three suspected Ebola infections were detected in a remote region of the Congo. Since then, World Health Organization officials have been scrambling to contain the virus. Their efforts appear to have failed. The contagion continues to spread, and though it’s nowhere near the 11,000 people who were infected

(RT) — Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is ready to provide records of the recent meeting between US leader Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, where US media claim state secrets were leaked. “If the US administration deems it possible, we are ready to provide the Senate

Ten years ago, Christian missionary Tilmann Geske and two other Turkish Christians were tortured to death by Muslims in ways almost beyond description. Over a dozen Muslims, five of whom were later convicted and now serving life in prison for their crimes, came to the three Christians pretending to want

In a briefing Monday, the Department of State admitted that the alleged crematorium in the Syrian prison used to incinerate prisoners could actually just be a warmer part of the building. The State Department stated Monday based on international and local NGO reports that the alleged crematorium used to burn the bodies of hundreds of

People once claimed the Illuminati was the figment of conspiracy theorists’ imaginations until major newspapers started writing about it and popular people who were a part of it began openly declaring it.  Nevertheless, the Illuminati is a real cult, and Dutch banker Ronald Bernard didn’t realize just how cultish it

Italy has long been a notorious hot spot for seismic activity. That nation’s history is littered with destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have killed thousands of people. In fact, just last year a 6.2 earthquake managed to kill 120 people in central Italy. However, those previous incidents could pale