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In running a sensationalist headline knowing it was false, the Express revealed its true agenda. Like the rest of the British media, it is trying to make British people love Islam so they complacently accept mass Muslim migration, the increasing presence of jihad terror, and Sharia oppression of women and others in British society. If they have to put a kufi and a caftan on Churchill to accomplish that, pass the airbrush.

America’s biggest problem, next to its welfare state, is its warfare state.  John Bolton, a Council on Foreign Relations member, is not working in our interests but in the interests of a global government despite the fact that he is blasting the ICC.

Buying a hammer is suspicious and is potentially an indicator of criminal activity according to the Tweet below posted by the U.K. Counter Terrorism Policing office.

Some Muslims there are determined not to let her live in peace, and will be satisfied with nothing short of her murder.

The BBC was worried about offending the Muslims who hold to the fiction, or want British non-Muslims to hold to the fiction, that ISIS isn’t Islamic and doesn’t operate according to Islamic teachings.

He felt entitled according to Islamic texts and teachings. Rape and sex slavery is sanctioned under Islam.

This Pope is a disgrace. He is selling out his people, condemning them to futures of unimaginable misery.

Just like in Libya, the current conflict in Venezuela is far bigger than some humanitarian crisis as they are sitting on mountains of gold and oil.

None of these self-appointed hypocrites who will arrive at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland actually believe the nonsense they are attempting to sell to the public.  According to reports, nearly 1,500 private jets are expected to land there this week.

War rhetoric and aggressions between Iran and Israel are nothing new, but heightened attacks and military assaults could propel one or the other to snap causing irreversible damage and ignite a third world war. Tensions are high, but they could still be higher.