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While most western countries are reverting back to medieval technology to combat the use of drones, legendary Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov, makers of the AK series, has developed an advanced anti-drone gun. Drones are now becoming more widely available, therefore, anti-drone technology is becoming a major field in the defense industry. Of course, Kalashnikov is leading the

We already know that North Korea has the capability of not only firing Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles that could strike major U.S. cities, but that they have the nuclear technology to make any such attack absolutely devastating. Weapons of Mass Destruction, electro-magnetic pulse weapons and World War III aside, however, the South China Morning

This weekend, North Korea conducted their most powerful nuclear test ever, with what was believed to be a hydrogen bomb in the northern part of their country. The explosion was so massive that it triggered a man-made earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale. If North Korean sources are to

“To my dearest sister, By the time you read this Insha’Allah [God willing] I will be with Allah. Do not cry and be strong. The Shaheed [witness or martyr]will take 70 members of his family with him to paradise. I will take you there Insha’Allah. Tell everyone I love them

It’s getting real on the Korean peninsula. In an aggressive move, the US dropped bombs at the North Korean border in a joint exercise with South Korean forces, using jets that are capable of carrying out a nuclear strike.  The world is watching, and some countries are publically choosing sides.

After North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned that the United States is more than capable of “the total annihilation of a country.” Unfortunately, the North Koreans may have already gotten to the point where they are capable of the same

Once there was a South American country with a promising future. It had a functioning democracy, a rapidly developing economy, and a growing middle class. All the important indicators, including education, health care, and foreign investment, were pointed in the right direction. It was far from perfect, but the mood

Editor’s Note:  This is what you call being willfully stupid.  It’s part of the judgment of God Britain!  God did it to Israel: (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto

Dateline, May 2017, Albania: If you ever believed in interviews as ways of getting to know thy enemy, this interview could be the mother of all interviews with the enemy. A stone-cold ISIS spokesman from Albania, a haughty language of Islamic supremacy honestly mixed with the language of total war,

The secular Left and the proponents of Islamic blasphemy laws have a new issue on which they are making common cause: the quest to destroy the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of our democracy. After Charlottesville, the Left sees its chance to crush all dissent, and given its alliance with