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After North Koreans heard from their state-run media (propaganda) that Donald Trump had said some harsh things about life in the isolated nation, they fired back.  And many believe Trump will “ignite a war” between the United States and their own country. In a speech on Wednesday, President Trump called the isolated

Is a major war in the Middle East looming on the horizon? Most of us living in the western world simply do not realize how much Saudi Arabia and Iran truly hate one another. Saudi Arabia is the global center for Sunni Islam, and Iran is the global center for

The dhimmi vanguard preparing the rest of the population to be docile and accept their new overlords. Imagine the outcry if students, including Muslim students, had been assigned to write about converting to Christianity. But no one will be particularly upset about this — that would be “Islamophobic.” Britain is

We’ve covered Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban‘s statements and actions to protect his people from the invasion of Muslim migrants into his country, from an incredible wall system that has virtually eliminated illegal immigrants to pointing out the deviousness of George Soros and seeking to protect Christians. At the end of October, the

The more Islamic a society, the more depraved, misogynistic and savage. In this case, the society in question is Britain. UK police are sending these unfortunate girls and women back to their homes, where they face beatings and possibly even death at the hands of their fathers and brothers, because

People better start waking up and paying attention to what is happening in the Middle East, because the situation is becoming quite serious. If things go badly, we could be facing a major regional war which would involve not only Saudi Arabia and Iran, but also potentially the United States

Islamophobia is killing the free world. On this, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Council on American-Islamic Relations may agree, but I don’t mean the statement in quite the same sense in which they would understand it. Scan over some recent Jihad Watch headlines: Minnesota: Christian center fires man

Editor’s Note:  And where is the constitutional authority for this?  Did Congress declare war?  This is ridiculous that we just start bombing wherever we like without congressional authorization, and if you give me the “open-ended” mess in the war on terror and the War Powers Act, you must not understand

The first two of 12 US Air Force F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets arrived in Okinawa on Monday. The aircraft will soon begin a six-month deployment in Japan as part of Pacific Command’s “theater security” program. Is this a red flag for war with North Korea? Suspicions run high as tensions

Global banks are preparing to defend themselves against a potential North Korea hacking attack. Cybersecurity experts worry that North Korea will continue to embolden themselves as the threat of United State military action over the nuclear program looms. The threat to banking institutions is very real. North Korean hackers have stolen