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It sounds like a horror story, but the reality is as just as bad as it sounds. According to a recent story coming out of Australia, a couple who conceived nine children through In-Vitro Fertilization decided they only wanted to keep two of them, saying it would be ‘too much

I will not be silent on this matter.  Though men may be forgiven their sins, the latest move by Pope Francis to absolve 2,000 pedophile priests is nothing shy of whitewashing their crimes and failing to bring justice to these men on behalf of their victims. The pope addressed journalists

I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them. “But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist

The country of Hungary, 95% of whose citizens opposed European Union migrant quotas in a recent referendum, has reportedly electrified key portions of their border fence. According to, when approaching the border outside of authorized border crossings, those attempting to enter the country will be met with warning signs in

A 53-year-old American man known as  “The Child Porn King,” who lives in the Philippines, was among several pedophiles who were arrested in what could be termed the largest pedophile bust ever, due to the incredible exploitation of Filipino Children by this man. David Timothy Deakin, originally from Peoria, Illinois, was

They’re calling it one of the biggest cyber attacks in history. Unprecedented in scale, Kaspersky Labs reports that some 45,000 devices have been compromised across 74 countries. According to reports, America’s own National Security Agency (NSA) developed the very tools that have been used to break into computers around the

The NSA-linked ransomware attack spreading across the globe and now affecting at least 57,000 individual systems according to Kasperky Labs has reached global shipping giant FedEx. The company confirmed the attack on Friday: “Like many other companies, FedEx is experiencing interference with some of our Windows-based systems caused by malware,”

The World Health Organization has declared an Ebola epidemic in the North East region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least three deaths have thus far been linked to the virus: One of those killed had tested positive for Ebola after coming down with a hemorrhagic fever last month

Billionaire globalist George Soros has become the target of a $10 billion lawsuit that accuses him of being a “racketeer billionaire” and manipulating the politics and economics of Guinea, a sovereign African nation, for his own benefit. In April, the lawsuit (BSG Resources (Guinea) Limited et al v. Soros et

The explosion of housing costs is one of the greatest economic crises in the developed world. From San Francisco and New York to London and Vancouver, the average worker’s paycheck is being devoured by the cost of rent. This daunting financial barrier is putting people on the streets, and preventing