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The Old German Nazis are back with a vengeance!  A German Justice Minister has proposed fining social media sites up to $53 million for failing to remove alleged “hateful” posts or alleged “fake news” from their sites fast enough. The Associated Press reports: The plan proposed Tuesday marks a further

Millions of Muslims all over the world are giving their lives to Jesus Christ, and in many instances this is happening because of dreams, visions and other supernatural encounters. Recently I have been writing a lot about the decline of Christianity in America and about the judgment that is about

European leaders are quietly building a coalition of countries to pressure the Trump administration to not withdraw from the Paris agreement and meeting with White House officials, looking for the right argument to sway the U.S. president. A coalition led by Germany, France and Italy has reached out to “Canada and

More female empowerment from the Religion of Peace. A young woman in a hijab thought she was free to dance with others on a street in England. She was not. A girl in India was also put in her place by fundamentalists  last week. Her sin was singing the wrong

A fourteen-year-old boy recently made an incredible discovery in a field behind his rural home in Denmark after he was given a history assignment from school.  The boy, along with his father discovered the crash site of a World War II airplane and the remains of the pilot. Daniel Rom Kristiansen

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad referred to the 400 new U.S. troops who recently deployed to Syria as “invaders,” in an interview with Chinese television. “Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation … are invaders,” Assad said, responding to a question about 400 U.S. troops close to northern Syrian

The woman on the far right of this photo is Azniya Ashmin. A Muslim from Kerala, India, this photo of her and sitting with these Hindus caused a firestorm on Facebook, with Muslims calling for dissolving her face in acid as a punishment for ‘barking against Islam’: Azniya Ashmin, a

It’s being reported that the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (sounds like something out of Freemasonry) is to review forced disappearances in Communist Cuba.  Since the United Nations has always had either a Socialist or a Communist in its highest position since its inception, does

We aren’t supposed to talk about what goes on behind closed doors when the cameras are off and the public can’t see what is happening. There is corruption in virtually every large organization, but those that hold themselves out as “spiritual leaders” need to understand that they are going to

Iran just conducted another provocative missile test, more U.S. troops are being sent to the Middle East, it was just announced that the U.S. military will be sending B-1 and B-52 bombers to South Korea in response to North Korea firing four missiles into the seas near Japan, and China