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It’s finally happened, Kim Jong-Un has had a successful ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missile) test. Now that he’s actually improved his battle might, and has the capability to strike Alaska, he’s taunting the US president with nuclear war. A top military official has warned “self-restraint” is the only thing stopping the US

It’s been nearly a month since Saudi Arabia issued an ultimatum to Qatar, demanding that the Gulf state cut ties with Iran, shut down Al-Jazeera, and perhaps most hypocritically, the Saudi’s demanded that Qatar stop aiding terrorist groups. When Qatar refused to comply with the ultimatum, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

A European court has overruled the parental rights of 10-month-old Charlie Gard’s parents, saying that they could not take the child from Britain to the US for a shot that might save his life.  Instead, the court basically said the couple had to stay in the UK and watch their

On Saturday, July 1, 70,000 people took to the streets of Ireland for the All Ireland Rally for Life. This year’s theme was “Save the 8th,” a reference to the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution, which protects the right to life and bans abortion. The Eight Amendment reads: The

While the world watches in jest as  Japanese residents prepare for the possibility of a confrontation with North Korea by panic buying nuclear shelters and air purifiers, we may soon realize that their efforts to desperately acquire protective gear and equipment for nuclear disaster were quite prescient. Yesterday, North Korea successfully tested what is reportedly an ICBM

A Toronto-born Muslim is set to receive an apology from Canada’s justice and public safety ministers plus pay him more than $10,000,000.00 after he pled guilty to five war crimes, including killing an American soldier. Omar Khadr, 30, pleaded guilty to five war crimes before a military commission in 2010.  The allegations

Despite being outnumbered 15-1, ISIS forces swiftly captured the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014, before declaring their monstrous caliphate. It was the victory that put them on the map, and it left hundreds of thousands of refugees in its wake. But three years later, Iraqi forces have nearly finished

UPDATE: There are reports that the machete-wielding man was screaming about killing Muslims, but that is based on the word of only one witness. Who is that witness? Is he a Muslim? A member of Tell Mama? There are also other reports that this was a driving dispute. The motive is

The people of Venezuela have endured unimaginable horrors over the past few years under their corrupt government. Food shortages, record-breaking murder rates, rampant inflation, kidnappings, vigilantism, black markets, and civil unrest have all become the norm. However, nothing could have prepared them for the what happened next. That’s because the unrest in Venezuela took a

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban took aim at billionaire George Soros on Wednesday, saying that he was threatening the peace of Europe by running a “mafia network” of Non-Governmental Organizations. We reported in April that Orban was under attack by the European Union after they took legal action against him