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The professional boxer who was seen wailing on French police has been branded a hero by protesters and a fundraiser has exploded with support.

We already know that a good chunk of the recipients reside in the United States. Once the brokers find the match in other countries, they are either shipping the organs over or bringing the person to have surgery here. That means hospitals, surgeons, nurses, medical technicians and anesthesiologists are all involved in the transplant.

Once one of the greatest, most powerful cities on earth — now a third world shithole. Well done, Mayor Khan and Prime Minister May. But no worries, they have banned me — and my colleagues — from their country, so that these savages are never offended.

Despite likening us to Abu Qatada, May has not directed her government to pay me or Ms. Geller a red cent.

Muslim sex grooming gangs have devastated the UK with thousands of victims. But they’re also an issue here.

As you can see, the global Islamic movement is wasting no time this new year in its efforts to establish Sharia throughout all of western civilization.

Alejandro Aparicio Santiago, a member of the National Regeneration Movement, had just taken office in Tlaxiaco when he was attacked.

If you can believe it, more human beings died as a result of abortion around the world than those murdered with guns or by democide in 2018. 

Clearly, it was extensively coordinated. So much energy and effort put into jihad murder. Imagine if it were directed toward doing something useful.