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Laws were put into place to stop Soros’ advance in Hungary and now the New York-based Open Society Foundations (OSF) has submitted a complaint to the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg to fight against the laws, calling on the court to “defend Hungarian democracy.”

Marine Le Pen has been ordered by a French court to undergo a psychiatric examination in order to discover whether or not she “is capable of understanding remarks and answering questions.” Why this doubt as to Le Pen’s mental competence? Because she “tweeted out gruesome propaganda images from terror group Isis that showed the bodies of people having been executed by the so-called Islamic State.”

Emmanuel Macron has said funding should be withdrawn from pro-sovereignty nations reluctant to hand more power over to Brussels, and that countries which refuse to welcome third world migrants must be thrown out of the Schengen area.

The burqa uniform is coming, and it will be a wonder to behold. And I look forward to seeing the new uniform for nudist female police officers. After all, aren’t nudists an “underrepresented group”?

The political and media elites expect, and indeed demand, that the countries of the West commit national suicide. Anything short of that is “racist” and “neo-Nazi.”

Trudeau seems to be paving the way for making Canada into a sharia state. These are the first steps toward accepting Islamic law.

Glenn Greenwald is right in his assessment and unless you are completely blinded by some party loyalty, which I realize many are, you will see the truth of what he is saying.

If the Roman Church will seek to coverup these crimes and they have a history of doing it, does anyone believe Francis over the victims?  I sure don’t.

Over the weekend, two friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin were involved in auto accidents: Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who was injured in a traffic accident just hours after Prime Minister of Abkhazia Gennady Gaguliya was killed in an automobile accident on September 8.