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So many major cities in North America, South America and Asia sit right along the “Ring of Fire”, and if the shaking of the crust of our planet continues to intensify, it is only a matter of time before major natural disasters begin to hit some of those cities.

This has turned out to be Guatemala’s deadliest volcanic event since 1902 when an eruption of the Santa Maria volcano killed thousands of people.

Father Benoît Bertrand has every reason to cover up what happened in the Nantes cathedral on Pentecost Sunday. To tell the truth would make his boss, and the entire Catholic Church’s position on Islam and mass Muslim migration into Europe, look bad.

High-profile TV star Sonia Kruger will face a directions hearing next month after failing to have a racial vilification complaint made against her dismissed.

Look for reports to come out that Robinson will be beaten or possibly even murdered in prison.  He’s already been denied due process and the press has been gagged in reporting the truth.

Experts are warning that as China continues to increase their nuclear arms race pace, the threat of conflict rises substantially. As China joins the US and Russia in pursuing more targeted nuclear weapons as a deterrent against potential threats, the looming arms race would, in fact, serve the opposite purpose by increasing the risk of a nuclear conflict.

It would seem common sense to condemn terror attacks against Israel. But likely, Haley’s calls will fall on deaf Security Council ears.

While the judge claimed that Robinson was tainting the trial, one wonders how the judge could determine that since he failed to view the video, which was being filmed near the end of the trial.  Furthermore, Robinson was only communicating facts that the public already knew about.  This was far from tainting a jury.  That’s more like what the judge was engaging in.

One of the largest mergers in history is taking place between Monsanto and Bayer and the media is silent on the fact that Bayer knowingly gave tens of thousands of hemophiliacs HIV.