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This barbaric exploitation must stop throughout our entire world for it to resolve. Oversight is required in the Dominican Republic, and the people of Haiti need our assistance from the monopoly of corruption the Clintons have manufactured and continue to run, leaving most Haitians with no work, no safety, and nowhere to turn for help.

World Hijab Day is a stunning indictment of the hypocrisy of the evil left, as much as their choice of the sharia-promoting, forced marriage advocate Linda Sarsour for their leader.

All of the terrorists had been reported for threats of violence to staff and other prisoners during their prison sentence, with one requiring isolation after attempting to radicalize fellow inmates.

The cross of Jesus Christ is a stumbling block and Christ is a rock of offense to everyone, including Muslims, who are at war with their Creator.  These are Judases in the Church.

Just before Christmas, an unlikely mouthpiece, the United Nations, exposed some of what they are engaged in: organ theft, working with terrorists — including as snipers — staging fake rescues, thieving from civilians, and other non-rescuer behavior, as well as false flag operations.

The case involves a Syrian couple — a 14-year-old Syrian girl married to her 21-year-old cousin — who arrived in Germany at the height of the migrant crisis. More of the poison fruit from the hijrah.

Saying that Jesus was the first Palestinian is a tacit admission that there is no Palestinian nationality, since Jesus is not considered by anyone to be the father of a race of people.

Hungary’s conservative-populist government, which shares a mutual antipathy with the 88-year-old plutocrat on the subject of mass migration — opposed by Budapest, encouraged by Soros — has offered an assessment very much to the contrary, observing: “To the Financial Times, he’s Person of the Year, but to many ordinary citizens, Soros is an enemy of their democracy.

Just like in 2004, there was no warning.  Those that were close to shore were taken completely by surprise, and many of them are now dead.