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GERMANY IS IN HORROR: Syrian Muslim Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up In Germany Injuring 11 Just Hours After Refugee Machete Killing In Reutlingen

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A Syrian Muslim terrorist with a backpack was denied entry to the nearby music festival were 2,500 people were attending a wine-tasting event. He then detonated (some reports say it was premature detonation), killing himself and injuring others. Ansbach Mayor Carda Seidel confirmed it was an explosive device, and a spokesman for the Bavarian Interior Ministry said explosion was intentional. Yet, the German Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann reported it as a “mental case” and that he has been treated for suicide. They tried to resuscitate him after the explosion, but he died. He was rejected asylum, but they allowed him to remain “because of the situation in Syria.”

Ansbach is in Bavaria in Germany

Ansbach is near Nuremburg in Bavaria

The material used to make the bomb came from “metal items used in wood manufacturing,” Janek reports Hermann as saying. In other words, it is the type of bomb we have been warning about for a couple of years that we stated was on its way which social media allows while they take down the supposed ‘hate’ we report.

So lets see. Todays terror-tally we had a bearded asylum seeking Syrian Muslim hacking a pregnant woman to death in Reutlingen where German police said was simply a “crime of passion,” another blowing himself up was a “premature detonation” (in other words he didn’t intend it when in reality he was not allowed entry into the major crowd and had no choice but to detonate to instantly go to Allah’s heaven) and another Syrian (Sonboly) whom a couple of days ago shot and killed a dozen or so and the German police said it was a “right-wing nut” from Iran. We revealed that he too was Syrian.

Lets see what we have for tomorrow’s schedule. What will it be? Zombies Hacking? Amish looking dudes shooting? Refugees knifing? Bi-polar patients bombing buildings?

What type of mental illnesses will they stick to these people tomorrow? Bi-polar disorder?

Germany cannot keep covering up these stories. There is an old Middle Eastern street proverb that says “snow always melts and the poop under will always be revealed.”

Apparently Germany has been eating yellow snow and tomorrow Germans will still be on the Halal Menu.

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

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