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Germany: Muslim Migrant BOMBER Blew Himself Up at Wine Bar After Being Turned Away From MUSIC FESTIVAL

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Music festivals, concert halls, gay bars, trains, McDonalds, malls, Christmas parties, buses …. Islam in the West.

Robert Spencer writes, “Note the German authorities’ spin: the jihad murderer was a Muslim migrant who was denied asylum. The subtext, therefore, is that we must welcome the poor refugees — with the further subtext being that we simply have to welcome them, or else they will, in their desperation, kill us. They’re saying this even though this jihadi was allowed to stay in the country despite being denied asylum, which is tantamount to granting him asylum anyway, albeit temporarily, or with the prospect of revocation. The Germans, and the Western political elites in general, are desperate to justify their suicidal Muslim immigration policies, and will even try to spin the evidence of the catastrophic failure of those policies in a way that will justify them.”

“Bavaria’s Top Security Official Says Ansbach Attacker Blew Himself up After Being Turned Away From Music Festival,” ABC News, July 25, 2016 via The Associated Press:

Bavaria’s top security official says Ansbach attacker blew himself up after being turned away from music festival.

Article reposted with permission from PamelaGeller.com

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