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Islamic State Hypocrisy: Ban the Burka as Veiled Women are seen as Security Threat

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If you can even believe the utter hypocrisy that comes out of the alleged “Religion of Peace,” then this should come as no surprise either. Apparently, the demonically charged teachings of Islam would have women covered head to toe, but it is now being reported that the Islamic State

is banning the burka due to veiled women being considered a Security risk.

In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State demanded that women be covered from head to toe in black burkas. However, now they have banned the burka in northern Iraq at its security centers.

The Daily Mail reports:

ISIS has outlawed the burka at their security centres in a northern Iraqi city, despite previously brutally enforcing a law requiring them to be worn.

The terror group have banned women entering the buildings in Mosul while wearing the full-face covering after a number of commanders were killed by veiled women.

Previously women in Syria and Iraq have been beaten or even killed by ISIS’s ‘morality police’ for not wearing a veil to conceal their body and eyes.

The ban took place on Friday, September 2, according to Iran Front Page.

The order that was handed down by the Islamic jihadists was that no women were to wear neither the burka nor the niqab when entering security and military centers.

One has to ask, what are these women permitted to wear then? Are they expected to come in with Western attire? Their underwear?

In August it was reported that women celebrated in the Syrian city of Manbij by burning burkas.

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The obvious question that should be posed to the united States is why we should be giving Muslim women who wear the niqab and burkas a pass at security checkpoints at the airport. Furthermore, I propose why the federal government is engaged at all in airport security in clear violation of the Fourth Amendment’s protections regarding warrantless searches and seizures.

Perhaps the Islamic State’s hypocrisy will demonstrate the hypocrisy of our own government regarding security and the law. Remember the famous words of Ben Franklin:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.


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