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Poland Begins Self-Defense Courses for Women

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We all hope to have good relations with our neighbors. We want peace and the ability to work, live, and prosper. This goes for most nations as well. Most people do not wish for wars, which are counterproductive and deadly.

We would like to have good relations with Russia. This is something that our President-elect has sworn to work toward. But, we do not live next to the Russians. And those who do seem very much afraid of letting their guard down.

The Washington Times reports:

Poland’s defense minister has officially launched self-defense courses for women, saying that training by military instructors will increase individual and national security.

Antoni Macierewicz has repeatedly stressed that the nation’s security has decreased amid neighboring Russia’s assertiveness. He is strengthening various forms of national defense and recently added a new military force, the Territorial Defense.

Macierewicz insisted Saturday that the no-weapons self-defense courses for women have to do with their personal security and not with military defense. But he said that well-trained women will contribute to national security.

Does this mean that the Polish government is taking every step possible to prepare? Do they see the invasion or annexation of their territory by Russia inevitable?

There is no doubt that history has shown that Russia is in the habit of taking what it wants and that Putin and his government have no qualms using Nazi propaganda tactics to invade their neighbors.

Russian Nationalism has been the war cry. History also tells us that once this kind of territory grab begins, there is only one way it is stopped.

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Poland is preparing for the repeat of history.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.


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