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Police Confiscate Elderly Man’s Hotel and Force Him to House Muslim Invaders

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***UPDATE FROM ON THE GROUND***- Shoebat.com contact in Italy Mr. Thomas Paccinotti has additional information to add about this story, and I quote: “It’s true. However the Carabinieri and local Catholic league intervened against the court order and the Police. The court order has been revoked. This happened days ago….The court confiscation was overruled. However it will take some time. Italian civil burocracy is slow”

Thankfully the order was rescinded, but this video still represents a future of what is coming to the West which resemble the past of may nations where Christians have been overtaken by Muslims. It is a reminder that if we do not face and confront this evil today, this is the future which awaits us.***

This is one of the saddest videos I have seen about the Muslim invasion of Europe because it puts a truly human face on what is happening to the common people in Europe. They are watching their own governments expropriate their lands and belongings and transfer them to the Muslims. In this case, it was the private hotel of an elderly Italian man who declined the government’s invitation to house Muslim invaders. In response, the government sent police to his hotel where they forcibly brought the Muslims in:

Notice how in the video one soldier says he is ‘just doing my job.’


That defense was used before. It wasn’t an excuse then.  It is certainly is not an excuse now.

Article posted with permission from Shoebat. Article by Andrew Bieszad.

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