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“Queer Things” Happen in Islam

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At first blush, the notion that Islam might be the perfect creed for homosexual men sounds utterly preposterous. After all, one of the arguments that conservatives regularly cite in drawing attention liberals’ hypocrisy in their deference to Islam is the fact that Muslims openly persecute homosexuals. With the advent of the Sunni Muslim Arab Spring and the emboldening of the Shiite regime in Iran (all thanks to one Barack Hussein Obama, by the way), we have seen the gruesome executions of homosexuals hung from cranes, beheaded, and often, basically mutilated to death.

Here, I might insert the disclaimer that I am against all of that stuff, but we’ll dispense with that this time around because we have a lot to cover…

In any case, given the perils faced by homosexuals in Islamic societies, how could one possibly assert that Islam is anything but a distinct threat to homosexuals?

If you’ll stop laughing for a moment and hear me out, I’ll explain…

The difficulty with reconciling my reasoning here lies in part in how the political left has characterized and thus literally forged our perception of homosexuals (they’ve employed similar strategy concerning certain ethnic minorities, but that’s another story). In other words, commonly accepted perceptions of homosexual men are the result of that which liberal power players saw as a politically useful model, rather than how homosexual men have actually behaved according to the historical record.

Islamic doctrine (which commands death for homosexuals) and public persecution aside, many of us have considered and discussed the Muslim proclivity for pedophilia and pederasty, despite liberals’ contention that we’re big fat meanies if we do so. The point is that stating there’s a Muslim proclivity for buggery exists is a truism.

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Further evidence: Recent treatises crafted by imams which advocate or condone male rape in the case of conquered enemies and prisoners in war, this being a symbolic, humiliating gesture calculated to “make a woman out of them” (being a woman itself carrying a negative connotation in the Islamic world). The ISIS (Islamic State) terror group has also been known to “initiate” young males into the group by repeatedly sodomizing them.

Such pretense is, I believe, simply a convenient rationalization for deviant practices which this satanic creed inculcates into its males.

Even discounting political correctness, “civilized” people these days eschew ever ascribing cultural or ethnic stereotypes to cultural and ethnic groups because they deem it coarse and unseemly. The fact is however, that many such stereotypes have been around – some of them for centuries – with very good reason.

One may recall a scene in the biographical film “Lawrence of Arabia” when T.E. Lawrence is captured, beaten and then raped by a Turkish officer, although the rape is merely suggested due to the cinematic standards of the day. Last year, the press – well, some press – reported on the outrage of U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan who had been told by their superiors to ignore their Afghani allies’ practice of sodomizing young boys. Some of their testimony was both heartbreaking and nauseating. Video of the last moments of Libyan dictator Muammar Qadaffi featured one of the mob who later executed him attempting to ram an unidentified cylindrical object into his rectum.

These aren’t the Knights of Columbus we’re talking about. These were Muslims…

While male-on-male sodomy is obviously prevalent in the Islamic world despite prohibitions against it, the real risk in homosexual behavior seems to be in that of the effeminate or “lifestyle” homosexual such as one might find in the West. Even in the West however, the stereotype of the effeminate homosexual is in the minority among homosexual men.

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Thus, it would seem that in Islam, the adult male who happens to possess this inordinate fixation with other mens’ rectums could successfully play the role of the socially conservative, patriarchal Islamic man quite easily. He might marry, grudgingly attending to his wife or wives for their value as chambers of offspring gestation – which most Muslim men appear to favor doing anyway – while relying on other men or boys for their sexual release. As long as he didn’t actually cop to being a homosexual, or was demonstrably so, he’d have little to fear.

A certain 44th U.S. President might be springing to mind right about now…

Indeed, this dynamic could be a little-known component to the rationale for why the political left – the ostensible sanctuary for everything queer – is abetting Islam in its quest to insinuate itself into Western culture, and why those in the American sodomy movement don’t protest against Islam in the streets twenty-four-seven. Yes, it would be as twisted a reason as anything else the left rationalizes – but we can’t dismiss the possibility simply because we think it’s unsound.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard.


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