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The duly elected Sheriff of Newton County, Georgia, Ezell Brown, appeared before the Newton County Board of Commissioners to “share, not only a plaque signifying his office’s recent accreditation, but also some of the rave reviews bestowed upon the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) by commissioners with the American Correctional Association (ACA) to the board of commissioners Tuesday.”

Never mind who poked at the hive and stirred up an angry storm. Those are lessons of blowback for those with memory and perspective. Right now the reactionary fervor is all that matters. Indeed, it is difficult to focus on much else. In hindsight, the nation became sick and tired

Throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century, hundreds of people, if not more, have used the horrors of Nazi tyranny to defame their opponents. The GOP compares the overreach of Democratic politicians to the Nazis. Liberals compare the laws according to morals of the Republicans to the Nazis. But

Last week, the US House of Representatives called former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to appear before a select committee looking into the attack on a US facility in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. The attack left four Americans dead, including US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. As might be expected,

Have you ever felt as though there was no use in fighting a rule, even though you thought that the rule was wrong?  The rule might even be one that is unlawful, but it is not worth your time because you felt that the establishment was against you.  Well, this

Unlike the majority of presidential candidates, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) continues to refer back to the Constitution throughout all of his speeches and interviews, which leads one to wonder, do any of the other candidates know anything about the Constitution that they will swear an oath to protect, defend and

Carly Fiorina on the “Tonight Show” is another example of the “rock star” type politicians trashing up government. Fiorina jumped on the bandwagon to “chastise” Dr. Ben Carson for his statement indicating he could not support a Muslim for the presidency. Carson, in his explanation, is correct. Here is the

To paraphrase Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., I see things as they should be, and say why not? A little noticed facet of the debate over the incarceration of Kim Davis is that the Constitution itself forbids the federal judiciary from interfering with her duties in any way. The Constitution itself

“A general Dissolution of the Principles and Manners will more surely overthrow the Liberties of America than the whole Force of the Common Enemy.” -Samuel Adams This past week has brought in a wave of purposed lies from this criminal administration only to establish that which is unconstitutional, as well

FOX News needs some people who actually have read the Constitution and know what it says. They also need some people who actually know what they are talking about. Andrea Tantaros is the latest FOX personality to demonstrate the news outlet is controlled opposition as she blasted Kim Davis for