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In Wake of Target Boycott, Wal-Mart’s Bathroom Policy gets Questioned

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In the wake of over one million people signing onto a boycott of Target over its flagrant disregard for public safety and decency, the company lost $2.5 billion in stock in the course of just 10 days. However, now that this issue has become front and center, corporate mega giant Wal-mart is coming under scrutiny for its bathroom policy.

Apparently, Wal-mart is seeing the economic destruction that is resulting from Target and they are keeping tight lips on their bathroom policy.

AL.com reports:

Walmart did not respond to requests from AL.com on its policy regarding transgender shoppers and employees.

The company added transgender employees to its non-discrimination policy in 2011, a move Walmart said was designed to protect workers against discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and gender expression. That hasn’t stopped LGBT-rights groups from criticizing the retailer, however, citing instances of intolerance against gay and transgender employees.

Walmart denies those claims, pointing to the formation of its Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Associate Resource Groups.

In 2015, however, a transgender Walmart employee in New Jersey sued the company claiming she was harassed and eventually fired due to her transition. Samantha Azzarano began working at Walmart in 2012 and began changing her gender identity in 2013. Shortly afterwards, she said she was subjected to “hostile interactions” with her manager.

People have been encouraged to shop at stores like Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby instead of Target.

Faith Driver Consumer stated, “Walmart has clearly shown a greater interest in welcoming Christians along with other communities. By shopping with Walmart, you encourage them to keep going…and to do more to earn your business.”

That was definitely true back in the days when Sam Walton was alive and had a say so. However, consider what is on the magazine racks. Why are people not outraged as nearly pornographic material at eye level of children. My girls used to turn the magazines around in the checkout line so others wouldn’t see them. Consider some of the immorality that is also sold via Wal-Mart too.

The fact that Wal-mart actually has “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Associate Resource Groups” and they have a transgender discrimination policy tells me that they are moving in the same direction as Target and may have already determined that. Quite possibly, this is the reason for being so quiet on the issue when asked by AL.com.

I also called the corporate office and sent a question regarding their bathroom policies too. As of the writing of this article, Wal-mart has not responded to my inquiry.

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