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2 Acquitted of All Charges in Bundy Ranch Trial

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This is great news but at the expense of nearly two years of these men’s lives!

A Nevada jury has acquitted two men, Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart, of all ten of the government’s trumped up charges against them for the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff against Bureau of Land Management agents.

The jury deliberated for four full days after more than three weeks of testimony.

Both men were freed immediately and were able to join family and friends.

Steven Stewart & Ricky Lovelien with Councilwoman Michele Fiore after being acquitted and released.

Scott Drexler and Eric Parker were found not guilty on most of the charges against them and are set to appear in court on Wednesday to see if Judge Navarro will release them or if the prosecution is going to waste more taxpayer money in their witch hunt against them for a third trial.

Federal prosecutor Steven Myhre would not comment about the humiliating defeat he suffered not once, but twice now before the court.

He’s still considering whether or not to try Parker and Drexler a third time!

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

Parker still faces significant prison time for charges of assault and threatening a federal officer, along with underlying weapons charges. The jury also did not reach a verdict on assault and a weapons charge for Drexler.

“I hope the government sees they have a weak case,” Parker’s lawyer, Marchese, said. “And I hope they decide to dismiss the remaining counts and save the taxpayers some money.”

The potential for temporary freedom means Drexler could see his 6-month-old grandson for the first time, Leventhal said.

Seriously, he should cut his losses and the government should drop the remaining charges against the other men who face their trial in 30 days.

The men were taken to Guerilla Media Network’s My Sister My Heart for dinner and rest for the first time out of jail in 19 months.

“They are both just happy to be free,” wrote GMN’s Deb Jordan.

She then commented on what took place.

“It seem, in the end, the Jurors knew these men and their attorneys were being silenced and that the Government had stripped them of their fundamental right to a fair trial,” Jordan wrote.

“According to Eric Parkers Attorney Jess Marchese the prosecution of these men fell apart when Eric attempted to tell jurors what he saw during the standoff and was constantly interrupted by objections from prosecutors,” she added.  “Navarro ruled Parker violated court orders by discussing prohibited topics and ordered him down from the stand before he could tell his story. Parker returned to the defense table and started crying while Navarro dismissed the jurors.”

Jordan also said that one incident of the court attempting to shut down testimony as to the motive behind Parker’s actions in defense of himself was a major factor in the juror’s decision.

“That weighed heavily in their decision,” Marchese said. They wanted to hear him speak. It was very bothersome to them. They felt like they weren’t getting the whole story.”

Marchese said jurors were sympathetic to the defendants and their inability to mount a cogent defense in light of restrictions that prevented them from talking about why they participated in the standoff and what they were thinking while they were there.

“It wasn’t one thing,” Marchese said about what led to their verdicts. “They (jurors) said it didn’t make sense.”

“Random people off the streets, these jurors, they told the government again that we’re not going to put up with tyranny,” said a John Lamb.

“They’ve been tried twice and found not guilty,” Cliven Bundy’s wife Carol said outside court. “We the people are not guilty.”

All four of the defense attorneys declined to make closing arguments due to the heavy handed tactics to shut them down by the court during the trial and it was a good move as it obviously impacted the jury.

“As much as we were shut down from bringing anything up, the jury saw through it,” said Drexler’s attorney, Todd Leventhal.

Nevada Councilwoman Michele Fiore commented, “Thank you, jurors, for seeing the truth against an unprecedented suppressed court battle and restoring faith in our jury process, you along with millions of prayers gave these men back their life. Welcome back to freedom Ricky and Steven. God is good all the time.”

Fiore has been a public servant that people can be proud of as she has spoken out against both federal, state and local tyranny and even gone to Oregon to support these men in their stand against government land overreach.

The next round of trials will include the Bundys and reporter Pete Santilli.

Though it’s not going to happen with these corrupt prosecutors and court, they should drop all the charges against them.  They are basically the same charges that were either dismissed or they were acquitted of in Oregon.

The central government has wasted far too much money and held these men long enough for what is sure to be another attempt to clamp down justice only to not make their case on trumped up charges against these men.

If you are able and would like to help the Bundy Ranch political prisoners win their case against the tyranny of the central government or would like to write them, please click here.  If you would like to support a house in Nevada that is caring for wives and children of these men as they attend the trials, please click here.

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