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A Disappearing Culture of Freedom

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President Trump won the presidency by promising to do something about illegal immigration. Millions of loyal followers faithfully believed his empty promises to have Mexico pay for the wall that he assured would be built. The Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency for two years, and no action was taken on the border at all. It wasn’t until after the 2018 midterms, where Democrats took control of the House of Representatives that the fight for the wall began. Since that time, we have been treated to a soap opera of a government shutdown, emergency declarations and more meaningless rhetoric to close the border completely. This has all culminated into nothing more than President Trump backing away from all of this and giving Mexico one year to stop the flow of drugs and immigrantscoming across our border. By the way, he isn’t playing around this time.

The question remains as to whether Trump is just incompetent, unable to fight the seemingly undrainable swamp or if he is one of them. Why wasn’t the issue dealt with when the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate? The answer, while difficult to prove seems to be that the issue itself is just one of many being used to distract the population from an agenda that is steadily being advanced. The big news over the past few weeks has been the exoneration of Trump from the Russian collusion hoax. If there was any truth to any of this Trump would have the momentum and the motivation to drive on with his agenda. Instead, he is caving to the left, like always, while keeping the borders open another year under threat that he will eventually act. That is a far cry from having Mexico pay for a wall.

The truth is that the immigration issue won’t be solved. Even if Trump was honest in his attempts the issue of immigration is being used as a tool to reshape American demographics and merge the U.S. into a global governing system. The U.N. has published a document highlighting this plan claiming that population replacement through immigration is necessary to address the issue of aging populations and declining birth rates. In the United States, the fertility rate as of 2015 was 1.84 children per family, or 60 births per 1000 women of childbearing age. For the U.S. to maintain its culture, a minimum of 2.11 children per family is required. According to the Daily Mail, no U.S. state in 2017 had a birth rate among white women high enough to replace the population. Birth rates among minorities are way up, however. In fact, white babies are now the minority. This in and of itself isn’t a big deal if the United States culture was taught and appreciated. The problem comes when immigrants pouring into the country show no respect for our culture and make no effort to assimilate.

Why are Americans having fewer children? Many women feel the need to focus on career first, for sure. This isn’t a bad idea. Surely, we don’t want to have families if we can’t afford them. Could pushing the idea that having children is bad for the environment have something to do with it? What about the feminist movement that shuns the traditional family life and the role women played in it? How about transgenderism and the normalization of homosexuality? Are Americans being deliberately conditioned to have fewer children so the U.N. could replace our population? It would seem so.

The culture of individual liberty is what made America the greatest country on Earth. People traditionally have sought to come here to escape the depraved conditions of their home countries, where there is no opportunity, to build independent lives and live free. This is not a race issue; it is one of maintaining culture. The people flooding our borders now, while capable of assimilating and adapting to our culture if they choose, are being promised handouts in exchange for votes. The end goal is the elimination of individualism and the culture of freedom and replacing it with collectivism. Therefore, the Democrats insist on pandering to illegal immigrants. It is only a matter of time before they are the majority and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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