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A Dying FDR Was In Better Shape on D-Day Than Biden

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There were 100-year-olds doing better than Biden.

(Just in case this headline is confusing, I don’t mean Biden as the two-year that he was on D-Day, but during the recent commemoration.)

On D-Day, FDR was a year away from death. By then he served an unprecedented amount of time in office, had hypertension, and was actively dying. He suffered from fevers, his heart was enlarged and he had trouble functioning. Nonetheless, he made a point of doing physically challenging events to show that he wouldn’t be kept down. (I’m not a fan of FDR and hiding the scale of his condition from the American people was a major problem even during wartime.) He looked worse and at times seemed to be losing track.

But compare FDR on D-Day, a year away from death, to Biden’s recent D-Day appearance.

Let’s just start with FDR’s D-Day prayer.

Compare that to Biden’s D-Day speech, not in terms of content, but delivery.

Compare FDR’s little stunt here, again not in terms of content, but performance.

FDR was in much worse health at the time. (Although who knows what’s going on behind the scenes in Bidenville). But he could perform well. Try to imagine Biden pulling off this same basic routine.

We all know how it would go.

A dying FDR was mentally in better shape than a living Biden is now. FDR trying to stand on crutches on the deck of a vessel when they no longer fit him still looked to be in better shape than whatever this was.

It’s not just age. There were 100-year-olds at the commemoration who seemed to be doing better than Biden.

FDR (and I’m no fan of him) played through the pain. Biden can’t even find the game.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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