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Administrative Disarmament: Using the Pen to Capture the Sword

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In a move which shouldn’t surprise most of yo, Obama has enacted a “rule” which would allow members of the very powerful American Psychiatric Association to circumvent our Bill of Rights; as yet another veil of privacy is shredded with our doctors now having legal cover to “rat us out” to the Feds. As gun sales soar nationwide, is this a move of desperation by the Obama administration; or the first step in a plan to have every gun owner labeled with a psychiatric disorder, while realizing the Feds ultimate goal of administrative disarmament?

The Federal Government’s use of private, un-elected agencies to carry out their Constitution violating criminality is nothing new. One only needs to look at agencies like the BLM, FDA, EPA and the like to locate the many instances, and agencies, involved in the series of colossal frauds perpetrated on the American people. The agencies outlined above, remember, were never elected by the American people; therefore, do not technically represent us and cannot rule us unless we allow them to do so. The APA now, it seems, falls into that same category.

Everyone has probably heard the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” at one time or another. I submit to you that the only reason that quote has any validity is that the guy with the pen has a guy with a sword backing him somewhere. It seems that members of the psychiatric community have that same power of the pen now; and they have the full weight and force of the US Government backing them. Did George Orwell write this script?

The slippery slope of having an MD report your private information to the Federal Government goes beyond the pale of merely violating your privacy; while opening the door for mass demonization of law-abiding citizens. How long before anyone receiving federal money has to go for a “routine” psychiatric evaluation to continue to receive benefits? And, as a result of the findings of said evaluation, now needs to relinquish their firearm to “protect society.” Mark my words, once they go through all of the mental disorders that separate you from your Bill of Rights, they will come after those with physical conditions to make the same separation. This is our future, if we allow it.

Despite all of the attempts to convince us otherwise, Americans love their firearms; a fact illustrated by the record number of purchases during the Obama dictatorship. However, does that assure that we will always be “allowed” to possess our firearms in America? Perish the thought. Those who oppose freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness tirelessly work on the dark side to disarm us, and to demonize us with various negative labels. So I encourage you once again to get off the couch and take action, for the tasks are many and the laborers are few.

*Article by Jim White

The Washington Standard

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