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All Internet Search Engines Are Manipulating COVID-19/Coronavirus Report – See For Yourself

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Remember how Google was manipulating search engine results for elections? Well, it’s not just for Google anymore. Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and others are manipulating COVID-19 search results.

In this short report, you can play along with me and do it yourself and see the results.

When you enter a number and “new cases,” the top stories are always about coronavirus or COVID-19 and that exact number.

No matter the number you enter and no matter the search engine you use, it will reveal a story or multiple stories about COVID-19 or coronavirus with that exact number.

How is this possible?

Think George Orwell‘s 1984‘s Ministry of Truth.

Keep in mind, self-professed “news nutritionists” Newsguard have also given green badges to virtually all the news outlets who are seemingly playing along.



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Tim Brown

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