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All The Government’s Secret Men: Robert Mueller Confesses A Coup Is Underway

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On May 29, Robert Mueller delivered a crucial nine-minute speech that summarized his 400-page report officially titled Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, but he added a unique “final” version. His personal “testimony.”  Many missed his secret tells—it’s easy to do.

His spontaneous speech was a powerful, deeper log-in-eye confession. Mueller’s conscious mind sees the fault in President Donald Trump, the man whom he’s investigating. While he’d never consciously admit it, Mueller’s brilliant unconscious mind sees his own huge failure as an investigator.

His deeper, all-seeing mind compelled him to speak publicly. It totally overpowered him because America finds itself in the midst of a severe crisis just as Muller does personally. He had to confess the blind spot lie early, setting the stage for his egregious conduct.

All of us, including Robert Mueller, have listened to log-in-eye confessions from other persons. Someone criticizing someone else, and suddenly it sounds like “man, this is you in spades.” A projection. But one thing for sure, Mueller never really believes he could project. For him, his conscious mind is all too trustworthy.

Early in his speech he quickly announced the important legal standard he violated by declaring, “Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.”

A few lines later, he overtly contradicted himself but couldn’t see it, instead announcing his conclusion that he “would not say” Trump was innocent of obstruction. But of course, he also couldn’t say Trump’s guilty. In that case “presumed innocence” takes precedent—that’s true of any suspect, no less a sitting president. But not with Robert Mueller.

Attorney General William Barr spotted this contradiction as did multiple legal scholars. For instance, Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Robert Mueller didn’t just put his finger on the scales of justice, he put his elbow.” In truth, Mueller skewed the scales with his entire body and the combined weight of the Deep State.

Unknowingly, in his speech, Mueller confessed the secret story of his special counsel investigation.

In fact, he confirmed the absolute log-in-eye rule of decoding secret confessions, and he aims it squarely in his own direction. Let him violate the most fundamental rule of law in a major way and everything he says about the fault in his neighbor (i.e. Trump) is the log-in-eye secret image of himself—it’s all about Robert Mueller.

Without knowing it, he proved the discovery of the dazzling new unconscious, a deeper intelligence (aka super intelligence) that’s constantly reading him in the blink of an eye. (I described this in my book, “The Deeper Intelligence,” participating in the clinical research as a psychiatrist.)

That super intelligence speaks in symbolic images—the language of images. It operates far more quickly than the conscious mind. Indeed, the study of the super intelligence is the cutting-edge of the new forensic psycholinguistics.

Secret guilt: Overview of Mueller’s secret confession

This former director of the FBI is consumed by unconscious guilt for violating a sacred rule of law. The violation is so egregious that his boss, Bill Barr, called his legal reasoning poor. People rarely think of guilt as unconscious, but it’s a common phenomenon because our deeper-intel operates on an absolute moral compass of truth. Knows right or wrong in a heartbeat.

But there was far more in his speech and subliminal confession. Along the way, he confessed that there was a deep state coup underway in which he was involved indirectly at first to prevent and later directly to unseat a duly elected president.

From the beginning he confessed the rule of law was violated in creating the special counsel’s office and that he never should have accepted it due to multiple conflicts of interest.

He tells of investigating a corrupt strategy in which conspirators utilized a phony dossier emanating from Russia and tapped into the Trump campaign (pointing to known specific people) focusing on key members to entice them into violations.

Through key images he names the main players in the coup who posed as Americans but clearly obstructed justice and were all co-conspirators in this coup—including himself. He tells how it unfolded and how he violated the rule of law along with others.

Now he is the lead force continuing this secret coup. Between the lines of his speech, he admitted that the conspirators—including himself—should all be charged with violating Trump’s constitutional rights and that Donald Trump is innocent of both conspiracy and obstruction.

Within the speech, he demonstrated his violation of Trump’s right to be presumed innocent.

He confessed to American citizens that he ruled in an unconstitutional and unfair way and has encouraged the Democrats to impeach Trump—all unconscious confessions versus his self-image of being “above reproach.”

As he praised the integrity of his team of investigators, he secretly praised his deeper mind for reporting the truth to which he’s consciously blind.

In so doing, he showed America the great division between the rule of law people—supporters of the Constitution—and those who create their own rules as he and the Deep State have done.

But understand that secretly Mueller wants a healing for himself and a healing for America. He knows this country faces a serious crisis and that a house divided will not stand.

Immediately announcing his basic fault as an investigator, Mueller underscored a huge shift in the real story through his language of secret tells. By definition, log-in-eye stories reveal that “The real story is elsewhere. I’m looking at my neighbor but really looking at myself.”)

Consciously Robert Mueller thinks he’s looking exclusively at Trump, but his whole speech was really “all about me, the corrupt investigator.” Already he knows Trump did not conspire with Russia—the central charge. So he’s now fixated on his own obstruction via his abuse of the presumed innocent standard and much more. Between the lines, he himself is the central focus of his speech.

Two facts that guide

As you hear his secret story, never lose sight of two facts: He’s constantly fixated on his failure—the proverbial log in the eye. Presuming Trump guilty not innocent he secretly sees his own guilt. His message—“Never lose sight of my basic error which extends to my involvement in the coup. This secretly triggers all my thoughts.” That becomes the central lens through which Mueller reads himself throughout his entire speech. Secondly, he’s constantly confessing in a projection language of imagery and stories, a symbolic language. These are secret tells.

New way of listening—’for cyber communication’

We are not used to listening this way. It requires work to translate the faults he so confidently sees in Trump as logs in his own eye.

In a word, he’s speaking in projection images. Indirect messages which must be decoded the way a counter-intelligence officer must decode messages from confidential sources and evasive enemies. It’s as if his deeper-intel spies on him from within, insisting on the truth. Mueller’s brilliant subliminal mind provides a major hint—a very specific image on how to read his secret language. He speaks of spies who used sophisticated cyber techniques to hack into computers and networks.”

He announced subliminally that “my deeper-intel, a highly developed computer of a mind, uses special information technology—communicating in key images. A tell you can hack into my hidden imagery messages if you pay attention.”

In a way, he added, “You’re in a new ‘cyber age’ of deeper-intel communication.” A tell how he reads himself–unconsciously.

Deeper-intel mind identifies itself

Mueller identified his deeper-intel in images. The unconscious super mind invariably describes itself in symbolic images to announce its presence.

Frequently he referred to information “beyond” his literal story, implying his higher, more honest, super intelligence. He referenced access to our underlying work product …in a process”—a picture of his subconscious mind’s deeper processing. Subliminally he reveals that his deeper-intel is actually guiding the entire story.

Now back to his basic log-in-eye (“lie”) confession—he constantly sees his egregious prosecutorial failure before him.

The bottom line: his imagery precisely describes his true read on himself.  The log remains constantly in his eye. His massive legal failure constantly triggers a confession in different images.

From image to image he presents a cohesive secret story. His computer of a mind constantly elaborates in key detailed images, hinting, “Here are the facts before you, America, if you can hear them.”

Robert Mueller tells us something is terribly amiss in America. It’s as though he’s saying, “I’m trying to bring you back to our foundation and our founders. Back if you want the ultimate truth to our Creator—nature’s God who gave us laws of human nature—inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The very liberty I violated based on presumed innocence.”

Yes, it’s that big of a story.

Pioneering psychiatrist Carl Jung described five archetypes of human personalities. Two of them fit Mueller—“the wise father” and “the trickster.” He wants to appear the wise investigator, but now has become the trickster—the deceiver. That’s his secret story.

Deeper-intelligence discovery—beyond body language

His deeper-intel is Mueller’s “deep throat” voice telling the real story. The “deep throat” story. Indeed, Watergate will pale in comparison.

People are familiar with body language—tells that unconsciously position the body symbolically—and must be decoded. The deeper intelligence also communicates verbally far more elaborately than body language but in a similar way.

The deeper-intel positions images in a cohesive way—tells the symbolic story from image to image. Mueller’s verbal “deeper mind language” (of which he consciously has no idea) takes us past his two-step cover-up—denial and projection. He directs us far past his log-in-eye mind which insists the one under judgment is Trump.

But considering his major blind spot, Mueller’s central theme of investigating Trump for obstruction and conspiracy becomes his secret story: confessing his own obstruction and conspiracy regarding Trump’s presidency. He then becomes the log-in-eye special counsel exposed/decoded—secrets revealed.

Two different narratives, two minds, two languages

In his speech, Robert Mueller made it clear he was telling two different stories. One overt—a conscious blind spot narrative—literal, his words simply what they are. And one covert—unconscious, deeper-intel story—symbolic words…understand the images.

One is a phony narrative he believes versus secret tells in “imagery”—again like a spy letter or a hidden parable. Telling all about his egregious log in his eye and projection onto Trump.

In several key images, Mueller announces, “I’m telling you two stories.”

First, he emphasized “words” (“carefully chosen”)—reminding us words are both literal and symbolic. He wants us to grasp his deeper symbolic story. Several times he mentioned that his report was in two volumes. In other words, he’s saying, “My speech has two stories—one volume a literal cover-up. The second volume is my deeper symbolic story.”

Step by step, Mueller teaches us how to listen. His powerful key images are convincing, stunning and scientific. Demonstrating the new science of understanding unconscious communication. The subliminal mind specializes in cohesive narratives.

While many saw his fundamental violation of the “presumed innocent” rule of law, there’s nothing like Robert Mueller unconsciously using his own words—and images—to confirm that deeper story, that hidden confession.

Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh called Robert Mueller’s work “poison politics justice”—one giant cover-up of a presidential coup.

Now Mueller reveals the identical story—the one thing he was not counting on. In vivid symbolic imagery, his own Deep Throat voice of truth can’t help but confess.

Mueller seeks healing

Mueller revealed the crucial importance of his story—that all people know truth, deep down. All are guided by a natural law moral compass, as America’s founders declared. The moral compass that our self-destructive society increasingly denies is still alive and well as evidenced by the newly understood unconscious.

Robert Mueller’s super intelligent side truly desires healing for America and for himself.

Questions answered

Accessing his brilliant deeper-intel, Mueller unknowingly has already answered most of the questions Republican Congressional representatives will have in his upcoming testimony on July 17. But you have to develop an ear to hear them.

Of course, the Democratic members simply accept his surface story. They’re living in their own world of Trump obstructing justice. In the end, they’re highlighting their own projection tells and America’s moral compass dilemma.

This is a stunning profile—one of the most important I have seen in several decades of work as a forensic and political profiler. His May 29 speech is actually a scientific psycholinguistic self-profile by Robert Mueller revealed in a brief communication delivered by a highly organized mind.

Understand, I am basically a reporter. I listen to Mueller’s own mind reading him and report. As a therapist, a forensic profiler and now as a political profiler, I help people understand what they are telling themselves in order to achieve healing.

Mueller must tell this story—his crisis of a deeply divided moral compass. A proxy for where America stands on the rule of law. He wants to confess. He needs to confess. For Mueller himself and for our nation, healing can come no other way.

Articles to come
In a brief series of future articles, I will show the details of Robert Mueller’s secret confession to America. Unconsciously quick-reading himself continually from image to image– telling us the whole story.

Read literal—go with his log-in-eye mind and be “deeper intelligence blind.” Or read his images, read his cohesive symbolic narrative and see the crisis America is in before us. Hear him describe the coup against President Trump.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Andrew Hodges, MD

ANDREW G. HODGES, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice, a former clinical professor of psychiatry (UAB School of Medicine), and a noted forensic profiler. Experts including FBI agents believe his unique “thoughtprint decoding” method will one day become a fixture in law enforcement much as identifying fingerprints. The author of nine books, he has been interviewed extensively in the media with appearances on Fox News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC and Court TV. His website is AndrewGHodges.com
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