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Amash: GOP Leaders Are Miscalculating Support For Obamacare Replacement Bill

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Republican Michigan Rep. Justin Amash continued to insist Monday night the Obamacare replacement bill doesn’t have a chance of passing the House, saying GOP leaders have “seriously miscalculated.”

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“They haven’t changed the bill’s general framework,” Amash tweeted. “They don’t have the votes to pass it. They have seriously miscalculated.”

The replacement plan drew sharp criticism from both liberals and conservatives when it was introduced in March, despite a big campaign from House Speaker Paul Ryan to defend the bill and some showing of support from President Donald Trump. Conservatives are unhappy the bill doesn’t do more to reduce government involvement in the health insurance system, and that it does not fully repeal Obama’s signature law.

“Obamacare 2.0: Bad policy meet bad Republican politics meet bad Democratic politics,” Amash tweeted earlier Monday. “The elusive lose-lose-lose.”

Following the strong backlash to the proposal, Republicans released a modified version Monday that makes some adjustments, such as moving up the date of a tax repeal and allowing states to receive Medicaid funding in a block rather than in a per capita sum. The Republican plan centers on a tax credit system to encourage individuals to purchase insurance, and still punishes individuals who drop their healthcare coverage.

The House Freedom Caucus announced Monday it would not take a unified stance on the bill, which is a good sign for its chances since the group of conservative members have enough numbers to band together and defeat the new law.

The House could vote on the new measure as soon as Thursday.

Article reposted with permission from The Daily Caller. Article by Rachel Stoltzfoos.

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