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Anti-American Leftists Set To Expose Themselves At President Trump’s First State Of The Union Speech

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The NWO neo-Nazi Left in Washington just cannot help themselves in identifying who they really are. During president Trump’s first State of the Union speech in 2018, they will be showing us who the real anti-Americans are by either not showing up in protest, or by wearing black.

The usual known psychos like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Al Green, John McCain, Frederica Wilson, John Lewis, Jeff Flake, and the list goes on, will either not be attending the SOTU or be wearing black. As many as 40 lawmakers have said they will not be attending the event at all.

The benefit to American Patriots who believe in the sovereignty of the United States and the constitution as the basis of all law in the country, will be knowing who the people in office are who are busy trying to destroy their country.

The usual protests against president Trump have already been arranged by some of these lawmakers to take place outside during the speech, which tells us basically that most of these lawmakers who are protesting against the President are either very close or actual members of the known terrorist groups BLM and ANTIFA.

The DNC passed a resolution in 2015 supporting BLM and Hillary Clinton has funneled millions to BLM via various transactions from the Clinton Foundation.

Since both BLM and ANTIFA have been labeled as terrorist organizations by the FBI and DHS, anyone who donates money to either of them is committing an act of treason against the US and should be arrested. The group BLM was the brainchild of Barack H Obama, thus it comes as no surprise that the Clinton’s and most of the anti-American Left support it and or actually belong to it.

After this SOTU speech, we will indeed know who each member in government in Washington is who is working against their country and trying very hard to destroy it.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost.  Article by Tony Elliott.

The Washington Standard

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