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ANTIFA’s November 4 Protests Threats Fizzle In Humiliating Failure

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Even with all the Geroge Soros and Hillary Clinton funding and the full-page ad backed by the New York Times and all the internet networking, the bark of the ANTIFA commies seems to have been bigger than its bite.

On November 4, many of us assumed that there would be rioting and mayhem spread by these little Communists who, interestingly enough, are protesting the Trump administration as fascists while they are demonstrating a closer alignment to fascism than the Trump administration.

However, that all died out as the “protests” turned out to be little more than a yawn, even in major cities.

Owen Shroyer reported from Austin City Hall, “It was nationwide, they spent millions of dollars on this, they bought a full-page ad in The New York Times, today rolls around and its a dud!”


Apparently, there was hardly any violence either. In fact, the most notable act of violence, if you can even call it that, was a woman arrested for throwing her drink on a Trump supporter in New York City.

Infowars.com, love em or hate em, had coverage for 7 hours on Saturday of the non-events.



Others from around the country took to social media to show the abysmal failure of the Antifa protests.

New York City, which had probably the largest crowd (possibly a couple hundred people), is shown below.


Then there’s this Communist in Seattle, Washington donning a Soviet flag. Where is the liberal media talking about this like they were white supremacists after Charlottesville? Crickets.

I guess in this confused individual’s mind, fascism must go but Communism is welcome.

Seattle seems to have drawn a whopping 50 people.

Then in Communist Chicago, the crowds were pretty thin too, nothing like what they were expecting.

And in Boston? Pretty much the same. The turnout was just pitiful, perhaps a couple of dozen people.

I’m just going to go out on a limb here, but I wonder if all the people that turned up were paid in some form or fashion. My goodness, why take out a full-page ad in NYT when they probably could have taken all that money and just given it to the homeless to go hold signs. That seems like it would have worked just as well, don’t you think? Wait, did that do that?

The Washington Standard

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