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Asgard & Wakanda: Marvel’s Social Justice Warrior Racial Theory On Display #Comicsgate

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Why would self-proclaimed champions of social justice, diversity, tolerance, and inclusion create two kingdoms with polar opposite approaches to race, tolerance, and inclusion?

Because, as with practically every hot-button buzzword Social Justice Warriors use, terms like diversity, tolerance, and inclusion don’t mean…well…what those words actually, objectively mean in the real world. In the alternate reality of The SJW Zone, diversity, tolerance, and inclusion are just another set of terms to be warped, altered, and selectively applied at will in pursuit of The Narrative through which they strive to advance the cause of identity politics and cultural Marxism.

That’s why when SJW’s took over Marvel Comics and later Marvel Studios (where movies based on Marvel comics are made), they ended up creating two very different – and quite revealing – kingdoms in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

One is Wakanda, a mythological monarchal kingdom invented out of thin air by Marvel and dramatically dedicated to ethno-centricity. The other is Asgard, a centuries-old setting in Norse mythology, transformed by the same Marvel comic company from an ethno-centric (think: Scandinavian) kingdom into an ethnically diverse place where bisexuality and lesbianism are totally cool and a “natural” part of the culture.

So what’s up with this?

Why is Wakanda so ethno-centric?

Why is Asgard not?

Where’s the “tolerance” of a basic, rational, orthodox Christian worldview? Is that sort of thing just not allowed? Where’s the “inclusion”? Where’s the “diversity” of thought?

And what does all of this tell us about the SJW lunacy sweeping over the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days?

These are some of the questions we explore in the below video:

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Article posted with permission from Scott Buss

The Washington Standard

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