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Austrians Arm Themselves Against Muslim Invaders

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A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed — Second Amendment, Constitution of the united States of America

In the simplest and clearest of language, our founders set forth a requirement for all governments to refrain from attacking, regulating, infringing or “ruling” the inherent God-given right to defense in all forms — self, national, property, state, loved ones, neighbors, etc — into non-existence. Yet, American citizens find themselves bombarded daily with one politician after another, one state or governor then another, and multiple localities and groups seeking to “infringe” on the right that “shall not be infringed.” Every excuse that could be used has been used. Politicians and anti-gun groups increasingly invent more to usher in an age where guns are confiscated and only government officials, the military and police have guns in the line of duty.

“Government will protect you” or “the police will be able to protect you” are the rhetorical responses when rationale for the Second Amendment cites “self-defense.” But, the amendment was not written merely for “self-defense.” It was written in order for citizens of this nation to defend against tyrannical government, repel invasions, and provide for the security of the State. Without the Second Amendment, America would suffer the consequences seen in Europe with the influx of illegal alien invaders.

According to WND, “Austrians are arming themselves at record rates in an effort to defend their households against feared attacks from Muslims.” While Austria has gun control laws in place, the laws are less restrictive than Germany, Britain, Denmark, and the Netherlands. As tens of thousands of Muslim invaders pass through Austria on their way to Germany and Sweden, long guns, rifles and shotguns, in Austrian stores are flying off the shelves. The main purchasers of these guns are women. Not only are shotguns and rifles being purchased, women are arming themselves with pepper spray.

As a Czech TV report cited the source of the information as Austria’s news outlet Trioler Tageszeitung, guns in Austria are sold out and have been for three weeks.

Gun Merchant Stephen Mayer told Trioler Tageszeitung, “We cannot complain about the lack of demand. People want to protect themselves. Nonetheless, the most common purchasers of arms are women.”

Mayer cited the store has been sold out for three weeks, with the demand fueled by “fears generated by social changes.” He stated that people who could not get guns were buying pepper spray.

Watch the clip of the report here.

WND continues:

Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, said he recently returned from a gun rights event in Europe, where he sensed a change in attitude for firearms.

“I just returned from a gun rights meeting in Belgium and I can attest that all over Europe people now want the means to defend themselves,” Gottleib told WND. “Self-defense is no longer a dirty word. In countries like Austria, where it is still legal to own firearms, gun sales are at record levels. I can tell you first hand that people in Europe now wish they had a Second Amendment.”

Prior to the illegal alien invasion by Muslims to Europe, only hunters and sport shooters, for the most part, accounted for the purchases of firearms. That has now changed with people seeking weapons for self-defense; some are first time purchasers who have never before used a gun.

The TV report interviewed a Viennese sociologist, identified only as Mr. Gertler, and an Austrian journalist similarly identified only as Wittinger. Both individuals asserted the “weapons purchases were based on unfounded fears about foreign migrants.” [Emphasis mine]

These two are turning a blind eye to the news coming out of Germany and other countries where these illegal alien Muslim invaders have trashed the countryside, established a rape culture inside “camps” dubbed refugee camps, have prompted governments to limit freedoms of its own citizens in favor of Muslims, raped a female citizen of Germany supporting a movement called “No Borders,” and perpetrated additional crime against citizens of these nations.

Mr. Gertler declared that “no such fears” should be published in any Austrian news outlet about these “migrants.” A fan of censorship as well, aren’t you Mr. Gertler?

Wittinger contended that something was very wrong if Austrians are purchasing weapons to protect themselves against migrants. Seriously? It’s wrong for people to want to protect themselves against illegal alien invader Muslims intent on perpetuating their reign of terror in Europe? What a tool! He went on to state that shotguns would not “solve any immediate problems, quite the contrary.” I have to disagree. It does solve an immediate problem of thwarting an attack by a Muslim intent on killing you.

Gertler wasted money on his education, or his parents did. Muslims call for the beheading of infidels in Germany. Islam promotes a culture of misogyny, pedophilia, rape, honor killings, murder of unbelievers, female genital mutilation, oppression, subjugation, destruction and Sharia law. Any normal society and/or individual would naturally be fearful in the face of a group threatening murder, their government limiting their freedoms in promotion of illegal alien invaders and a rise in crime due to the same.

Wittinger is unfamiliar with the famous phrase of President Theodore Roosevelt — “speak softly and carry a big stick” — or Benjamin Franklin‘s “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” From the looks of it, Austrian citizens are aware of both and setting out to put both in practice.

As Czech TV reported, “ISIS trained jihadists are now returning as European citizens or they are trying to infiltrate as migrants.” The newscaster stated that Germany’s ministry of the interior recognized the jihadists had Germany in “their cross hairs,” but did not have any “indications of specific threats.”

Some European government officials are a day late and a dollar short, along with being a few sandwiches shy of a picnic when it comes to the threat Islam poses to their nation. They have bought the tainted Kool-Aid of the “religion of pieces.” Now, they are forcing it amongst their own people. It won’t be long before these government tools’ families can save money on a coffin since it can be shortened due to no head attached.

Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America said the Czech report “reflects an awareness of a major event in Western history.

“Polish King John Sobieski defeated Muslim invaders at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Another Muslim invasion is underway and Austrians are alarmed, hence their run on gun stores,” Pratt told WND. “Women are right to be concerned in view of the Muslim view of women that they are good for raping and little else.”

It is interesting the Czech reporter cited the Arab Spring “as the root cause for the flood of migrants into Europe.” Bacha Bazi Barry and his band of “dancing boys” along with numerous Congressional traitors supported the “Arab Spring” that has wreaked havoc in every nation it occurred. Chaos still perpetuates in many of these countries with some having inadequate governments or no government. Muslim terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, was placed in power in nations, assisted by the urgent push of Obama. As the failure of these “Arab Spring” governments occurred, the CIA formed, trained and US backed Islamic State rose to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria, as well as engulf Europe as threatened.

Under the ruse of “refugee,” Muslims invaded Europe, making good on the threat. It stands to reason as the Muslim population expands into Europe, Muslims will demand concessions. It’s happening now and European governments push citizens aside in favor of illegal invaders. Eventually, the Muslims will attain positions in government after vigorous uprising and rioting. Then, Sharia law will inch its way into European life.

With the influx of Muslims Obama has planned for America, our nation will face the same exponential growth of the demand for Sharia and Muslims in government. Sharia law is already being demanded by Muslims in a few cities around the country. Some states are intermingling Sharia law with US laws to appease Muslims. As Obama, his ilk, and presidential contenders, such as Hitlary Clinton, call for “common sense” gun control, the people of this nation face a time where the inherent, unalienable right to bear arms will become a necessity to defend not only ourselves, our family and our property, but our very nations from those illegal alien invader insurrectionists. Obama will use his pen and phone, along with the corrupt alphabet agencies and the Department of (In) Justice to implement gun control leading to gun confiscation should Congress not follow his “edict” to pass unconstitutional legislation regarding the Second Amendment.

As the Austrian people are waking up to this invasion of Muslims intent on insurrection in their nation, they are arming to defend themselves, especially women. It is the right to self-defense driving their actions. Since the constitution limits any government ability to infringe on the right to bear arms, Americans should stand tall and proud to refuse to obey any executive order or legislation to infringe on the right to bear arms. If not, we will be like the Austrian people, looking for arms to protect ourselves.

The alarm clock is ringing. Don’t turn it off and go back to sleep.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a Christian and lover of liberty, a husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows" and jack of all trades. He lives in the US-Occupied State of South Carolina, is the Editor at SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, GunsInTheNews.com and TheWashingtonStandard.com. and SettingBrushfires.com; and also broadcasts on The Sons of Liberty radio weekdays at 6am EST and Saturdays at 8am EST. Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, and USALife.
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