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Did Authorities Lie about Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Check-In Date & License Plate?

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There is a lot of the Las Vegas shooting that simply doesn’t add up with the information we’ve been given so far, including the fact that they did not give the correct check-in date to the Mandalay Bay Hotel by Stephen Paddock, nor the correct license number.

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer broke the story about the wrong check-in date and license provided by the FBI and local law enforcement.

Loomer claims that she obtained an image from a source that shows Paddock’s car arriving on September 25th and that the license plate was not the same as those provided to media outlets seeking help from the public.



She followed up with another tweet claiming, “Law enforcement and @FBI misled the public about ‘s check in date and also provided public & media w/ wrong license plate number.”



Now, to be fair, the license plate is off by one digit, but one would think that mistake would have been corrected quickly.

In either case, the information put out was absolutely wrong.

“Notice ‘s van was last parked right next to a security camera inside “Garage East” @MandalayBay,” tweeted Loomer.  “There is definitely footage.”


Interestingly enough, Sheriff Lombardo had to give in and recant his previous claim that Paddock checked in on the 28th.  He confirmed that Paddock did check in on the 25th.

I ask you people, who are you willing to trust?  Those who got it right the first time or those who are supposed to be  “authorities” in the matter and continuously get it wrong?

Not only that, but Sheriff Lombardo is changing around the time lime in order to fit the narrative and the videos exposing the lies we are apparently being told.

Lombardo is also now saying security guard Jesus Campos was shot nearly 6 minutes before Paddock began firing on the crowd.

Sheriff Lombardo says that things will obviously change as things are learned, and I agree with him, but he claims these are minute changes.  They are not.

Additionally, the van with the same VIN number alleged to have been Stephen Paddock’s was apparently sold to him recently.

Three days difference in check-in is not a minute change.  A security guard murdered 6-minutes ahead of the shooting is not a minute change.  Those are significant changes, especially in light of the fact that Lombardo believes Paddock had help and that the FBI has botched so many attacks that are tied to Islamic terrorism it isn’t even funny.

The fact of the matter is that humans can err.  I get that.  I think that was probably the case in the issue of the license plate.  One can easily understand that.

As for the check-in date, I can’t understand that being a mistake nor can I understand that there is not a search for a second shooter based on the evidence, including police reports, and that those in the law enforcement community are not pursuing this as an Islamic terror attack based on the evidence.

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