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Balding, Openly Trans-Delusional New Hampshire State Representative Arrested For Distributing “Child Sexual Abuse Images”

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People like this are reprobates, no doubt about it (Romans 1:18ff).  New Hampshire state representatives Barry Laughton was arrested and is facing charges for distributing images of child sexual abuse.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports:

Former state Rep. Stacie Marie Laughton of Derry, the first openly transgender person elected to the N.H. House of Representatives, was arrested Thursday by Nashua police on charges she allegedly distributed child sexual abuse images, officials said.

On Tuesday, June 20, Nashua police responded to a local facility for a juvenile matter, officials said in a release. Officers spoke with individuals there who indicated Laughton allegedly distributed sexually explicit images of children, police said.

Detectives from the Special Investigations Division applied for and were granted a warrant for Laughton’s arrest. She was arrested Thursday with distribution of child sexual abuse images. She was also charged with three additional counts of distribution of child sexual abuse images, Nashua police said.

Laughton was held on preventative detention, and is scheduled to be arraigned at Hillsborough Superior Court-South on Friday.

The person writing the report is about as backwards as Mr. Laughton, calling him a her/she.

Does this look remotely like a woman to anyone?

This isn’t his first rodeo with being a trans-gressor (1 John 3:4).

He was forced to resign in December 2022 after mysteriously winning the November mid-term election.

The New American provides a bit of Mr. Laughton’s criminal past.

The latest allegations notwithstanding, voters should have known better than to send Laughton — real name, Barry — to represent them in the Granite State’s House of Representatives. He is, in a word, a wacko. And a dangerous one at that.

Before Barry began his illustrious career as the first tranny elected to a state legislature, he was a credit-card fraudster, having been convicted of conspiracy to commit that crime.

That was 2008. From there, his story gets better.

In 2012, he won election to the state House, but when his criminal conviction surfaced after voters went to the polls, he resigned.

“A special election was scheduled a few weeks later, and Laughton signed up to run again,” Patch reported. “However, officials determined [he] was ineligible to hold public office, according to state law, because [he] had not completed [his] sentence,” which “included a 10-year good behavior clause and a restitution requirement.”

In 2015, Laughton called in a bomb threat to the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, a crime he blamed on his mental illness.

“I guess this was my worst break with it,” Laughton told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “I was untreated for a long time, and I didn’t have medication … I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, and it was totally out of character for me.”

One would think voters would have known Laughton was missing a few buttons because he ran thither and yon claiming he was a woman and threatened to bomb a hospital. Nope. They sent him back to the House in 2019 in what might be history’s most remarkable case of the triumph of hope over experience.

“[Laughton] was arrested in July 2021 on seven counts of penalty for false information, accused of misusing the state’s 911 texting system,” Patch reported.

Reelected in November 2022, he resigned after being arrested for stalking a woman in Hudson:

The stalking incidents occurred in late August 2022 and [Laughton] was arrested in early September. [He] was able to keep the arrest under wraps and away from voters, and easily placed second in the primary. [He] was arrested again after the November election.

The only question that continues to remain is this:  When will real justice be served up on the likes of Barry Laughton?  Prison certainly is not justice.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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