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Beltway Republicans: Trump’s Worst Enemies?

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A central topic of discussion among conservatives and libertarians lately has been the association of political operatives who are working feverishly to thwart the efforts and policies of the Trump administration. Now, aside from the conspiratorial overtones of the phrase “shadow government” (because phrases with conspiratorial overtones readily tend to be delegitimized because of those very overtones), this is a fairly suitable appellation. There are most certainly agencies outside our government working to thwart the efforts and policies of the Trump administration. Obviously, one such body is Organizing For Action (formerly Organizing For America; formerly Obama For America), the community-organizing powerhouse that helped Barack Obama get elected, and whose efforts to advance the far-left agenda continue unabated despite Obama having left office.

On the other hand, “shadow government” also carries the connotation of such agencies being anonymous, and this is most certainly not the case. The aggregate of conservative analysis frequently identifies the power players in this campaign and the activities in which they are engaged. This is also common knowledge amongst rank-and-file conservatives and libertarians.

Another aspect of the phenomenon is the fact that this patchwork of anti-Trumpers includes people who are in fact working within our government, as opposed to the archetypal obscure cabals typically associated with so-called shadow governments.

We’re well aware that the establishment press is irrevocably aligned with the far left, so this does not merit deep discussion here. It is also painfully evident that some of the more prominent radical Democratic lawmakers vociferously oppose nearly everything Donald Trump and his surrogates have proposed; very often they do so in a manner that handily illustrates their lack of knowledge of governance, as well as their abject stupidity.

As I have indicated previously, a significant contingent of those opposing Trump’s policies resides within the body of Beltway Republicans. While it is evident that many Republican voters are disgusted with this group (Trump’s election being the major object lesson in this area,) most remain unaware of how dedicated to statism many GOP lawmakers truly are. This has widely been put down to timidity or incapacity on their part by conservative analysts, but this is not the case.

Despite some GOP leaders’ harsh and insulting rhetoric against Trump prior to his taking office, many Republican voters hope that these lawmakers will “go along to get along” vis-à-vis Trump’s policies, but this is not going to be the case either. They may appear to be doing so, but Beltway Republicans have become as adept at playing the impotent foil to Washington Democrats as the latter have become at pretending they’re not socialists, and we have no reason to believe that either of these things will change.

With regard to resurrected efforts to repeal Obamacare, for example: Those who were informed on health-care issues in 2010 knew that government interference (starting with the Commerce Clause), over-regulation and litigiousness were responsible for the lion’s share of maladies endemic to our health-care system. Why not fix these, many wondered, rather than impose some Cyclopean remedy with its genesis in government bureaucracy? At the time, Democratic remonstrations called for Republicans to put up or shut up if they had a better idea, but none was forthcoming. Other, less prominent figures offered their solutions to the health-care crisis (which was orchestrated by progressives to start with), but these were wholly ignored by Democratic and Republican leaders alike.

Now all of a sudden, congressional Republicans assert that they can craft “repair and repeal” legislation in a jiffy. Yet, on Feb. 14, conservative Republican Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., stormed out of a meeting with Senate Republicans and House Speaker Paul Ryan focusing on the repeal of Obamacare and the attendant Medicaid expansion, which the health care law’s provisions necessitated.

Rand Paul’s take? Senate Republicans simply aren’t serious about addressing the issue in a practical and constitutional context.

The same holds true for tax reform, which was another point of Trump’s campaign. Equivocating oratory on the part of GOP leaders with regard to executing such reform – when the encroachment of onerous taxation policies and the burgeoning power of the Internal Revenue Service has taken decades – does not enhance their credibility in this area. Generations of Republican leaders stood mutely by during those aforementioned decades while all manner of statist, socialist and unconstitutional measures materialized.

As our freedoms eroded, we were treated to such excuses as congressional Republicans lacking numbers in Congress (and thus sufficient votes), the electorate not understanding bipartisanship, obscure congressional procedures and other such nonsense. These feeble justifications successfully placated voters for many years, but against all odds, the party ended for them last November.

When considering the future actions of those such as Speaker Ryan, Sens. John McCain, Mitch McConnell, or Lindsay Graham, we need bear in mind that these are the same men who essentially looked away as the most monumentally egregious and illegal acts were committed by the previous administration. The key to understanding lies in asking ourselves why. The answer is because they are entrenched within the Beltway machine that knows no party, only power – and the only way it can amass power is by usurping it from the American people.

Article reposted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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