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Benghazi Hearings Got a Little Awkward When This Congresswoman Showed Hillary These Two Piles of Emails

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Surely there are going to be many clips of Thursday’s Benghazi hearings. Among them will more than likely be this clip in which Representative Susan Brooks (R-IN) produced two piles of emails that made for a very awkward moment for the former Secretary of State.

Rep. Brooks produced two piles of emails regarding Lybia.

In 2011, the year before the attack, from February to December, Clinton sent and received 795 emails (that we know of). Often these emails contained daily and even hourly updates according to Rep. Brooks.

However, in 2012, there were only 67 emails sent and received by Clinton from early in 2012 to the day of the attack. Again, this is only the ones we know of, and only a portion of those actually deal with Benghazi.

Brooks claims that the number of emails demonstrates that Clinton and the State Department showed a “lack of interest in Libya in 2012.”

“When I look at this pile of emails from 2012, I only see a handful of emails to you from your senior staff about Benghazi and I have several questions about this disparity because we know from talking to your senior advisers that they knew… to send you important information, issues that were of importance to you,” she said. “I can only conclude by your own records that there was a lack of interest in 2012.”

Frankly, I think Rep. Brooks is not engaging critical thinking skills here. The issue is not that there was not a lack of interest. The issue is that the Benghazi committee doesn’t have all of the emails! This should be common sense for anyone following this circus!

Still, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) believes that Clinton will tell the truth. I believe already in her testimony today there are more lies that will need to be addressed in the coming days, but the question I have is this: Will there be any resolve to bring justice on behalf of the four dead Americans that the Benghazi Committee claim that these hearings are about? I’m hoping so, but my gut tells me that in the end, this will all be for show.

Tim Brown

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