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Bernie Sanders’ “Jobs For All” Is Nothing But Slavery

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Democrats of a certain age suffer from incurable New Deal nostalgia.

They dream longingly of a new CCC and NRA (not that one).

And Bernie has an even more obvious nostalgia for socialist experiments, especially those in Communist countries.

And after getting popular pushing free college for everyone, why not free jobs for everyone? Somebody’s gotta employ all those college grads.

The Soviet Union did indeed have jobs for everyone. So did most Communist countries.

The trouble with “jobs for everyone” is that the end result doesn’t look a whole lot like being able to get any job. But having to take any job.

Lefties loathe the UK and US dole and welfare reform schemes that forced people to work to get benefits.

Ye,t they love the idea of a system that would make that look positively benign.

Jobs for all inevitably reduces everyone to slavery, wiping out the free market while mobilizing the entire population as a slave labor force to be plugged into the government’s various schemes.

No free country can offer jobs for all. Only slave systems will give everyone a job.

And that’s not empowerment. It’s exploitation.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield.

The Washington Standard

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