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Biden Left Behind Americans – Evacuated Afghans on Terror Watchlist

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We live in a world of surreal government press conferences in which the media doesn’t ask basic questions.

Biden did a lousy job of evacuating Americans. But current reports are that very few of the Afghans on the massive airlift were visa recipients. Most of the SIV visa recipients (often referred to as allies, but in practice had worked with the US or for US organizations, including the media, in some capacity) didn’t make it to the airlift apparently.

So who did and why were they being evacuated?

Don’t expect answers or even questions about that. But we do know that multiple evacuees have appeared on terror watchlists.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday said that some people recently evacuated from Afghanistan by the U.S. were flagged on terror watchlists while they were in transit and not allowed to enter the U.S.

Since any Afghans are now undeportable, we have to find a country willing to take them.

Mayorkas was then asked what the U.S. will do with those Afghans who have been evacuated to transit countries but denied entry to the United States due to security concerns.

“We are working with our international allies to address the disposition of those individuals,” Mayorkas said.

I’m sure our allies are thrilled. They haven’t been this thrilled since Biden forced them to abandon their citizens in Afghanistan and now wants to top that with the cherry of asking them to take in terrorists that we don’t want.

He did not say whether any Afghans were deemed a security risk after landing in the U.S. or how many of the evacuees had turned up on terror watchlists.

If it was a handful, we would probably have been told.

Mayorkas is treating this as evidence that their screening process works. Not really. It just means that a whole lot of Afghans with terror ties boarded the planes and that the Biden administration caught some of them, those on whom we had existing information.

How many didn’t we catch? And how many are going to make it in to America?

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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