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Big Surprise: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ‘Wins’ The ‘Election’

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Several hundred opposition demonstrators protesting socialist Nicolas Maduro’s “reelection” blocked traffic in a march to the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters in Caracas on Wednesday ahead of the “vote.”  Those who object to the horrific violence and poverty socialism has propelled Venezuela deep into say this weekend’s presidential vote was rigged.

Venezuela’s leftist leader, Nicolas Maduro, looked set to win re-election on Sunday in what appeared to be a poorly attended vote condemned by foes as the “coronation” of a dictator and likely to bring new foreign sanctions, reported The Independent. 

Maduro did unsurprisingly win re”election,” as all tyrants do.

Maduro rose to power on the heels of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who was praised as a revolutionary for instating sweeping socialist reforms.

Maduro took over after Chavez’s death in 2013, vowing to continue his policies of state control, and it looks like he will continue to lord his false authority over a starving and unarmed population as all socialists seek.

Maduro, the self-described “son” of former President/dictator Hugo Chavez, says he is battling an “imperialist” plot to crush socialism and take over Venezuela’s oil reserves.

Opponents say he has destroyed a once-wealthy economy and ruthlessly crushed dissent.

Progressive Hollywood celebrities and self-titled socialist Senator Bernie Sanders have pointed to Venezuela as an example of socialism working.

In 2011, Sanders said that “the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina.”

Supposedly, unless politicians aren’t living like fat cats while the rest of the populace starves, no is “equal.” 

In reality, American leftists need a lesson on both freedom and a dictionary to define the word “equal” because neither of those is ever given by governments regardless of who is in charge.

While these same figures preach about how equitable socialism is, and rail against the 1%, socialist countries like Venezuela are run by tiny wealthy elites who are having a blast while their countrymen starve in the streets.

Not only does socialism always fail, this ideology that so many leftists claim can end wealth inequality, always leaves the masses hungry and poor.

It always props up a rich elite class that is insulated from the problems that they cause.

Not only is the wealth inequality amplified, but it’s exponentially worse in countries with the most government control.

Maduro’s main challenger in the election was former state Governor Henri Falcon, who predicted an upset because of fury among Venezuela’s 30 million people at their increased poverty.

But with Maduro already having a stranglehold on power, it never was going to be a fair race and non-rigged election.

Much like voting in North Korea, your vote doesn’t matter, and the US is quickly running in that same direction. 

Although some opinion polls have shown Falcon ahead, analysts didn’t expect him to win saying “his chances are thin.” 

Given widespread abstention, the vote-winning power of state handouts, and Maduro’s allies on the election board, it was a rigged election by a dictatorial wealthy socialist from the get-go.

Article posted with permission from SHTFPlan

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