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Bill Maher Rips Into Liberals About “Free” College”: “Somebody Will Be Paying For This Free College & It Will Be Taxpayers”

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You know it’s a really stupid idea when a liberal tells other liberals that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or in the case of Bill Maher, “free college.”  However, that is exactly what the HBO show host did on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher” over the weekend.

While many in the Democrat Party are touting “free college” for everyone, Maher points out that there is nothing free and that those who will be paying for that “free college” will be taxpayers and that it would only hurt the poor.

Maher made his comments after “Native American” Senator Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren presented her “plan that would offer “free” four-year college by… raising taxes.

However, Warren isn’t the only Democrat presidential candidate pushing such socialism.  Senators Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders both have backed “free” college for anyone that wants it.

Yet, they are not the only ones.  Campus Reform points out:

Warren, Sanders, Harris, and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota support “free” two-year college for all. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who is not yet old enough to run for president but introduced the Green New Deal, also is an outspoken supporter of “free” college for all.

Maher reminded his panel of guests that “nothing is free,” something that most of us understand in the first place, and if something you receive doesn’t cost you anything, it certainly cost someone else.

“If you have a Bachelor degree, you earn on average 65 percent more than someone who doesn’t have one,” Maher said.  “If you have a Master’s degree, 100 percent more over the course of your lifetime. So nothing is free. Like a free lunch? No. Neither is college.”

“Somebody will be paying for this free college and it will be taxpayers, so are we really saying that someone who didn’t go to college should be subsidizing the people who went and got the benefit from going to college and made more money?” Maher concluded.

Of course, Muslim sympathizer Grover Norquist agreed, adding, “That’s an incredible transfer from lower-income people to higher income people. If you look at the beneficiaries of that proposal, it is a huge subsidy to higher income people and if you’re out buying votes, you go with the people you think are going to vote.”

These people who are all about offering other people “free goodies” with other people’s money have never had to actually do much for themselves in all their lives.  We know how Kamala Harris got where she is and it wasn’t necessarily on her feet.  Bernie Sander, well, he’s like the Obamas, living off everyone else’s money.  The same is true with Elizabeth Warren who clearly lied to get where she is and the little girl who claims she had it hard in the Bronx, but pretty much had a silver spoon in her mouth, probably couldn’t talk to you about basic economics despite alleging to have a degree in economics.

Not a one of these people are qualified to be dog catcher, let alone president.  Nor are they capable of pointing to the Constitution, which they would swear an oath to uphold for authority to implement such socialism in America.

Frankly, we should have stopped the “free” public school system, which we pay through the nose in order that people can have their children indoctrinated by the state.  How’s that working out for you America?  Imagine it 100 times worse with “higher learning.”

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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