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Brave Team Of Christians Rescues Hundreds Of Persecuted Christians From Islamic Enslavement

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Christians and Jews, when they see the vanished culture of the ancient Egyptian empire and their  pyramids, immediately are reminded of the story of the Holy Bible, which tells us about the persecution and hard lives of the house of Jacob during their slavery.

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God brings Moses to set them free from slavery, and he brings out his people from the persecution and vulnerable lives. Similarly, like the Israelites, our Christian brothers are going through the same persecution of slavery in the Islamic world.

Muslims invaders in Asia, Europe, and Africa enslaved countless Christian during their conquests; many of us are unaware that, even today, this crime against God’s people is underway in Islamic countries.

Pakistan is among the countries with the highest number and highest percentage of forced labor. There are 2.5 million people in forced labor in Pakistan. Christians, who hold the 3% of the total population, are one of the most persecuted and oppressed classes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Around 25 thousand to 30 thousand Christian families are working in brick kilns in Pakistan, where they were forced into slavery.

It has even been observed that minors were forced to work in the kiln to pay of the debts of their parents.

Rescue Christians, in the year 2014-2015, saved around 8000 slaves from the brick kilns in Pakistan during our rescue missions. We are often intimidated by the kiln mafia, and even sometimes our staff has been tortured, but we carry this mission to save our brethren.

It’s seems a much easier task while watching the videos of these slaves when they are thanking Rescue Christians, but behind the video, our people are make great efforts to save these Christian brethren. Most importantly, this whole operation is impossible without the contributions and love of our Christian brothers and sisters, who keep on supporting Rescue Christians to save the lives of persecuted Christians. Your contributions and donations are making our work different from others.

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In October 2016, we started our Rescue slaves project once again, after stopping for a while to redesign our plannings. In last three months, we have successfully liberated 43 families (218 people).

On the 13th of October, we bought off 9 slave families, which were shown in our documentary published in 2015. We have made dozens of attempts to liberate them from slavery, but the owners of the kilns and their watchers are very influential and powerful characters in Pakistani society, and it is due to them that, at times, we have failed to rescue Christians from their enslavement. Here is the video of these slaves, for your quick memory.

You can see the smile and joy on the faces of these liberated people. This all was impossible without the support of our generous donors.

Our team is day and night working on collecting the data on the Christian slaves in different cities, and once they get the chance, they record the video clips through the handy cam, to prove the credibility of our work. Our data collection team is based on the pastors who go to kilns, provide prayer, and worship with these people. This helps us to learn the stories and difficulties of these persecuted Christian slaves.

Through that data, our rescue experts design the plan to rescue the slaves. After the final planning by the rescue experts, they usually send two or three of the staff to complete the mission, whereas the backup team, which is the main team, oversees and supervises the whole operation. Even if sometimes our first team faces any problems or is stopped at any check post, the second team jumps in to the situation and handles it.

Our method of rescuing slaves is that mentioned in Deuteronomy 16:1 “…. The LORD thy God brought thee forth out of Egypt by night.” We believe that Lord God is still rescuing His people from slavery like He rescued the Israelites from Egypt at night.

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Here is the video of 5 slave families (22 People) we rescued in November 2016, you can see how God is changing their lives.

Often, these slaves, after being rescued from the kiln, are in great fear of their owners, as the kiln mafia in Pakistan is a very strong and powerful majority that belongs to political or high ranked government officials. It normally takes a week or so to bring them out from fear and trauma.

It is really a difficult mission we are working in, but our God, who is the mightiest and most powerful, is making all this possible. On 12 Dec, 2016, we took advantage of the distractions of a Muslim festival and took 13 families out from kiln slavery. For the first time, we are showing our audience how we normally rescue these slaves from kilns.

This time in this video, our staff is dressed up properly, to avoid any problem while entering into the city where our safe house is situated. As normally at nights, the police and other law enforcement agencies were having their check posts at the toll plazas to control criminals.

One of our staff was pretending to be a pastor of the community, taking the people to a funeral. On our rescue mission, we used another plan to safely reach our base. Here is the video of our rescue operation.

We are thankful to God for allowing us to do this real work to save His people. We are thankful to our donors and supporters for their love and concern for these persecuted Christians in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

We encourage our brothers and sisters who are celebrating the Christmas season to also remember these brethren are who are persecuted and enslaved. Keep them in your prayer and show your love to them.

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

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