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Breitbart Senior Editor-At-Large: Student Walk Out For Gun Control Likely Violated Constitution

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Following the student walk out for gun control on Wednesday, Breitbart Senior Editor-at-large Joel Pollack authored a piece in which he questioned whether the move was constitutional or not.

He wasn’t talking about whether or not a child’s voice could be heard but rather whether or not government schools, aka public indoctrination centers, could make a special accommodation for a particular political view and not make it for the opposing view or any other view.

“A long history of First Amendment jurisprudence establishes that such viewpoint discrimination is impermissible,” wrote Pollack.

He suggested that the way to test the theory is to promote a pro-Second Amendment walk out and see how school districts around the country react.

However, that was not his only suggestion.

Pollack also spitballed students walking out to promote the sanctity of life and oppose the murder of the innocent in the womb through abortion, even calling for the school districts to not only support it, but to fund it, such as was the case in Baltimore.

“That ought to make next year’s March for Life, usually held in January, even more interesting,” Pollack wrote.

“School districts could argue that they were not discriminating among viewpoints, but rather expressing their own viewpoint,” he added.  “That it unlikely to pass constitutional muster, either, because schools are not supposed to be advocating for certain public policy issues, not to mention taking a position that arguably undermines a provision of the U.S. Constitution.”

“But it would require the school districts to argue that the walkout was not ‘student-staged’ at all,” he continued.  “It would expose the fact that the walkout was largely run by national political organizations like Women’s March and lobbyist groups like the PTA.”

Whether anyone would challenge the constitutionality of the walk out and the support it gained from school districts, it more than likely violated the policies of the school districts that participated in it.

However, some parents in Communist Connecticut were outraged and said that the walk out broke the law and even hired an attorney to speak on their behalf about the concerns they have.

Dr. Susan Berry wrote:

In an interview with Breitbart News, the parents’ attorney, Deborah Stevenson – with expertise in constitutional and education law – spoke about the parents’ issues with their school district’s decision to allow students to participate in the walkout.

On March 12, Stevenson sent a letter to the New Milford Board of Education, superintendent Joshua D. Smith, and New Milford High School principal Greg P. Shugrue – which she made available to Breitbart News. Stevenson wrote:

My clients have asked me to notify you that this event violates state law, on the basis that state and local public funds are being used improperly to advocate for a political issue and to influence how voters will vote. Because it violates state law, we demand that the New Milford Public School District’s Superintendent and Board of Education immediately cancel the event, and rescind any association or prior involvement in it.

In addition to citing the Women’s March Network or Women’s March Youth Empower as an organizer of the student walkouts, Stevenson added that “the event is promoted by the Action Network, which touts itself as ‘an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes.’”

“Thus, it is promoting the event for partisan political purposes, to influence voters to one side of an issue currently before members of the public,” she wrote. “This event is not simply a ‘student initiated remembrance.’ It is an event aimed at engaging students in a political ‘movement’ to affect ‘change’ and to encourage them to vote for that ‘change.’”

On Wednesday, Michael P. McKeon, attorney for the school district, wrote to Stevenson, in a reply that was made available to Breitbart News, that the school board “has absolutely no connection with” the Women’s March Network and the Action Network.

While the school district attempted to say they had no part in what was going on, by saying it was student-initiated and student-driven, Stevenson wasn’t buying it.

Stevenson told Breitbart news that McKeon making “an argument that the walkout is not connected to a partisan or political issue” “defies logic.”

“It’s one thing to teach civics and to teach history and to teach current events,” Stevenson explained. “But it’s another thing to encourage minors, whose maturity level is not that of an adult, to take a position one way or another.”

Stevenson continued:

The idea of instruction in the schools I would think would be to assist students in critical thinking on both sides of an issue. If they’re going to be doing that, then that, I believe, would be in line with education. If they are simply instructing on one position, and one point of view, then I don’t think that even the school districts or the boards of education running them would believe that that is appropriate.

Stevenson said the parents who have hired her also have “a basic objection to their children being exploited or used because of an emotional issue.” She explained:

Obviously, no one wants to have their children harmed. And it is a tragic event any time a child is harmed or killed. But, it’s more along the lines of media attention and using children. We have laws against exploiting children for any purpose. It’s right in our Connecticut law and I’m sure other states have similar laws. That is what the issue is for many parents.

Well, that’s exactly right, but who is handing their children over to the state to be indoctrinated and exploited?  It’s mom and dad, right?  I’ve written time and again that if you want to defeat the beast system, you’re going to have to do it God’s way and that way is to teach and train your children.  It’s parent’s responsibility, not the state’s.

With that said, too many parents are all too willing to turn their children over to the godless indoctrinators to present a worldview education without God and without purpose to their children.  Then they complain when it is manifest like in this situation.

What else do you think these “educators” are teaching your kids, people?  Bradlee Dean has listed some of the things public schools are teaching your kids.

It’s time to get them out and teach and train them at home and let the public school system destroy itself.  If you are interested in taking that first step, click here to start teaching your children at home for free, and may God bless your efforts.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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