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Business Owner Arrested After “Taunting” Tyrannical Government On TV

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Michigan just can’t bring the criminal administration of Governor Gretchen Whitmer to justice, but they better soon!  The latest example of just how lawless her administration is comes by way of her attorney general, Dana Nessel, who admitted that ultimately restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney was arrested because she appeared on a talk show and was “taunting” local health officials, who have no constitutional authority, and defied unlawful COVID restrictions.

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The story comes by way of Republic Press.

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, owner of a restaurant in Michigan, was arrested for violating COVID-19 health regulations and operating her business after receiving warnings and two Cease and Desist Orders due to allowing indoor dining.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel stated on Twitter that Pavlos-Hackney had “countless opportunities” to comply, and then listed off a timeline of the order of events.

Nessel stated that “she defied her local health department and the court at every turn, instead choosing to taunt health inspectors, law enforcement… going on Tucker Carlson, and setting up a lucrative GoFundMe account instead of making even the slightest effort to protect her customers, her workers, and her community.”

Pavlos-Hackney was placed in jail until a fine of $15,000 was paid, and threatened with 93 days in jail if she did not comply. The GoFundMe account mentioned by Nessel was a legal fund with which to pay her legal defense.

Here’s the episode of Tucker Carlson.

Marlena fled Poland and believes Americans have to resist authoritarianism.

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Already, Governor Whitmer has been labeled a lawless individual by the Michigan Supreme Court twice!  She fails to get back in line and continues to operate as governor.

Because she has been allowed to remain in office, she is now openly attacking the citizens instead of hiding behind an invisible boogeyman “virus.”

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She needs to be brought to justice, first through impeachment and then through prosecution.

Tim Brown

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