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Campaigning Democrat Caught saying Hillary Clinton “is Under No Illusions that You Want to Have Sex with Her”!

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Call it the politically incorrect mistake of the election season (though it’s probably not as bad as Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” line), or call it a simple misunderstanding. Whatever Miami Democrat Joe Garcia calls it, I just hope he never says it again – because I don’t even want to think about thinking about it.

Earlier this week, the Miami Herald reported that Mr. Garcia was campaigning in Key West to win back his old Congressional seat when he said something that will haunt voters in Florida for the rest of their lives.

“I believe that we’re going to have — I’ll mention it when I speak — I believe we’re about to see the most consequential presidency that we’ve seen since Lyndon Johnson. This is not because I think Hillary Clinton is the greatest ever. But I do believe she is extremely, exceedingly competent, and she — I know this is going to sound weird to you, but to me, as somebody who studies history, she’s going to be very similar to Lyndon Johnson.

Lyndon Johnson wasn’t a particularly charming man, wasn’t a particularly nice man: He would ask you nice, and then when you didn’t do it, he made you do it. AndHillary is under no illusions that you want to have sex with her, or that she’s going to seduce you, or out-think you.

When someone makes a comment to Garcia (probably something along the lines of “gag me with a spoon”), the candidate responds by saying he doesn’t mean to be offensive (too late).

I don’t want to be offensive to women. What I’m talking about is exactly that: It’s getting it done. Unlike Obama, who has this profound sense that logic can move people — it can’t move crazy. That’s trending in the Republican Party.”

The video was captured by a “tracker” – someone from the opposition who follows the candidate around on the campaign trail – and was seemingly recorded on a phone, upside down. However, the conversation can be clearly heard and is already causing waves in the Florida and D.C. political establishment.

Garcia first tried to explain away his comments as an attempt to explain that Clinton was focused and overly qualified for the job as president. Then he realized that his “explanation” didn’t handle the gross nature of his comments well enough, so he tried simply apologizing. “I apologize for my poorly worded comment about Secretary Clinton. My comments were intended to speak to Secretary Clinton’s relentless focus on getting the job done, despite the unjust gender stereotypes and biases women in public life are subjected to.”

That might help Garcia with Democrats, but for most voters, it shouldn’t help him escape from this mess because there are deeper problems with his statement than the crassness of his Clinton analogy.

How about comparing her to Lyndon Johnson and arguing that she’d be just like him? Johnson is, hands down, one of the vilest, most crass, most disturbed men to ever serve as President, AND his presidency was an absolute train wreck for the country. In fact, we are still dealing with the disastrous effects of his policies politically, economically, and socially. But what is it about Clinton that Garcia seems to think compares so favorably? Why, it’s her ability to force people to do what she wants, just like the uncouth bully, LBJ. Garcia is looking for a liberal tyrant, and he believes Hillary Clinton satisfies that search.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the scandal here is Garcia’s disturbingly sexual Clinton analogy, folks. No, the real scandal is that Democrats hope and pray that Hillary Clinton is another LBJ.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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