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At Israeli Apartheid Week, campus haters claim to be fighting “colonialism” by fighting Jews. Columbia University’s Center for Palestine Studies, dedicated to a country that doesn’t exist and which has produced nothing worth studying except terrorism, features diatribes such as Palestine Re-Covered: Reading a Settler Colonial Landscape.” This word salad

As a conservative, I have been told on more than one occasion that my thinking is too concrete, too black and white if you will. Having been educated in a very liberal college, I distinctly remember going around and round in circles with fellow students about how I should learn

“The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government.” ― Ron Paul If there is an absolute maxim by which the federal government seems to operate, it is that the American taxpayer always gets ripped off. This is true

Does the future hold prolonged economic collapse? Electric outages? Food shortage? Civil unrest? EMP attacks? Looting and the general descent into madness? Whatever may come, you and your family will be extremely vulnerable unless you have prepared for continuity and self-reliance without the aid of society. The vast majority have made no

“Where the Law Ends, Tyranny begins!” –John Locke It was reported on April 6, 2016, that the California Attorney General raided David Daleiden’s home and confiscated all his undercover video footage of harvesting and sale of aborted babies organs and tissue (Proverbs 6:17) by Planned Parenthood, an organization that America’s

When things go wrong and we have more month than money, it can be difficult to keep the family fed, the bills paid, and a roof over your heads. However, if you have built a well-stocked prepper’s pantry, you have one less thing to worry about when you have no money

In what has become an iconic turn of phrase, President Obama said in July of 2009 that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “acted stupidly” when they arrested black Harvard University professor and Obama pal Henry Louis Gates Jr. after a confrontation at the professor ‘s home. Obama’s evaluation of that police

In recent days, gun rights activists have seen some big wins for the second amendment. The issue of “constitutional carry” (exercising your right to carry a firearm without a permit) has been gaining traction, with West Virginia and Idaho becoming the latest of now ten states to adopt such a

In 2001, The United States of America launched a war against Islamic terrorism in response to the September 11 terror attacks. To this day, many still claim that it was a conspiracy launched by our own government meant to rush in the supposed “New World Order,” which, in all honesty,

It is overwhelmingly obvious that we are being governed by people who absolutely do not share in the traditional values that once made this country great. The vast majority of people in this nation, however, still hold the ideals of individual liberty in very high regard, as well as the