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All you have to do is look at the constant efforts to delegitimize human life itself, and it becomes crystal clear that there is an agenda.

Occam’s Razor tells us that the FBI tipped off CNN. And that needs to be investigated.

If the nomination of William Barr as America’s next “Top Cop” doesn’t awaken the “Always Trumpers,” there is absolutely no hope for them. Even worse is the fact that the longer Christians and conservatives continue to make excuses for Trump’s lies and deceptions, there is less and less hope for America.

The constitutional principles that we were founded upon have been eroded, and even eliminated, over time to give us what we have now, a Banana Republic.

Does Planned Parenthood target blacks? That is what Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece thinks.

It cannot and should not be treated as anything other than the same antics, the arrests of critics, by the Erdogan regime in Turkey or the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Spend your money on the things you know you’ll use and you will be set for anything from Brexit to supply disruptions to winter storms.

We are hearing from many in the media of a “Deep State” (Shadow government-Special Interest Groups, the Cabal etc.) in operation behind the scenes relentlessly working to take down America. The question that I have is, who is doing it for them?

A half-century after King’s death, plenty of people are paying him lip service. Far too few are following his example.

It is important to recognize that while avowing the moral standard of the Bible and disavowing sin, Immanuel Christian School is protecting, nurturing, and caring for its students.