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We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being … When the state encourages religious instruction … it follows the best of our traditions.

If a Supreme Court ruling is in contradiction to the Constitution, then states are obligated to ignore and obstruct the ruling (practices known as nullification and interposition). To do otherwise would be to substitute the rulings of the Court for the Constitution, a move that has and will continue to subvert our very system of government.

There is no such thing as “moderate Islam.” There is only Islam.

America is suffering at the hands of a tyrant. The tyrant is the federal judiciary – the apex of which is the Supreme Court itself. The states must assert their sovereignty.

Their various campaigns advancing sexual ambivalence over the years have had a great deal of success, and each successively more appalling measure is intended to breed increasing societal dysfunction, thus making the population far easier to control than a population of morally grounded individuals who know what gender they are.

Warren’s resources and organization mean that she will be at this for over a year. When running against two other women, Warren’s constant cries of sexism will seem sillier than Hillary’s. But Democrats will still have to listen to them for over a year. It won’t make Warren any more likable, just more losable.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is the new poster child for the Progressive movement, a movement that has successfully transformed into a cadre of intellectually challenged, entitled little Fascists. The sad thing is, Progressives succeeded in dumbing down the public to such an extent that they are courting Socialism and elected these idiots to office.

You have a hunch that something feels very off about an organization, foundation or individual, but you are not sure how to begin digging. You know that something just doesn’t feel quite right, but where do you start? How do you make those connections, and what resources do you use to find the connections? How do you organize it all and make sense of it all?

Stop worshiping at the feet of false political idols whose allegiance is only to power and profit. Stop tolerating this topsy-turvy state of affairs that punishes truth, transparency and justice while rewarding greed, corruption and injustice. Stop obeying every immoral government order. And stop letting your personal politics get in the way of standing up for your freedoms.