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They set a poor example in their personal lives and would never have been elected when the country cared about morality.

Campaign finance and donor disclosure laws will make it harder for grassroots liberty activists to challenge the corporatist status quo. Those wishing to get big money out of politics should work to get politics out of all aspects of the economy.

Over seventeen years after jihadis murdered nearly 3,000 Americans, it is still almost unheard-of for there to be an honest discussion of jihadi motives and goals in the mainstream.

Either the American people are going to take heed to the Word of God by keeping His Commandments or they are going to willfully subject themselves to His curses.

Every abortion clinic in America should have a sign hanging over the door.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE LOCAL CHURCH.

As in past years, these kinds of stories are completely off the radar of the vast majority of so-called conservatives and Christians. Welcome to 2019: a brand new year in which everything stays the same.

What’s truly frightening is that we have come to a place where a U.S. lawmaker can proffer the notion of a marginal tax rate as high as 70 percent with a straight face, and without fear of being dragged into the street by an angry mob.

That cultural revolution is moving forward so quickly that it’s rapidly running out of rails.

Sen. Sinema might not like it, but the very authority she has been given comes courtesy of those who sacrificed so much to create this nation in the first place, with the help of God and His holy Word.